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Through our experience building applications for as well as from serving hundreds of AWS customers, we’ve observed three pathways that customers can take for translating their vision of application modernization into a reality, generating value for business in the process.

  1. Build new applications with Kubernetes on AWS and extend existing Kubernetes to AWS for hybrid distribution. Organizations running Kubernetes on-premises or thinking about building new applications on Kubernetes can run these workloads on AWS to increase reliability, security, and scalability. This approach provides server-level control, common operational tooling, and integrated access to the vast AWS service portfolio.


  2. Build new applications on managed containers and serverless architecture. As organizations build new applications or features, we recommend managed containers, serverless technologies, and purpose-built databases to maximize agility and accelerate development while eliminating server management.
  3. Transform to a Modern DevOps model. To create a cultural shift that delivers modern applications at scale, organizations can leverage DevOps services and tools to rapidly build and deliver products while maintaining a high bar on security and governance.
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Build Modern Applications on AWS

The world of Amazon Web Services AWS is at your fingertips! Our eBook guides you through three key pathways, showing how modern application development with AWS can ignite innovation, cut costs, speed time-to-market, and boost reliability. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your approach. Download now and set your path to success!