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Get Help with AWS Cloud Migration

Rehosting is one of the methods of migration when discussing implementing an existing application into AWS. It is a complex platform and existing workloads may not be able to be ported over. Our team of experts is here to help!

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Get Help with AWS Cloud Migration

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AWS Migration Made Simple

AllCode’s AWS experts specialize in facilitating seamless migrations of existing projects to the cloud, particularly through rehosting methods like the AWS Application Migration Service. By leveraging their extensive experience and training, they assist organizations in optimizing applications for the cloud environment, ensuring scalability and flexibility to meet operational needs efficiently. With a focus on driving down operational costs and enhancing performance, AllCode’s specialists help clients navigate the complexities of cloud migration, offering tailored solutions that minimize disruption and maximize ROI.

Furthermore, AllCode’s AWS experts provide comprehensive support throughout the migration process, from initial assessment to post-migration testing and validation. They collaborate closely with clients to validate server inventories, assess network and storage dependencies, and ensure high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. By automating migration steps and preparing robust backup strategies, AllCode ensures a smooth execution while minimizing risks. Their meticulous approach, coupled with thorough testing and validation, ensures that migrated applications function optimally in the cloud environment, meeting performance expectations and delivering value to the organization.


During this stage, clients will be working with our experts.  They will review the pre-confirmation app questionnaire the client has filled out and further interview the application owners to validate server inventory.  As they continue to evaluate the application, they will conduct the following:


    • Ensure high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) for data works
    • Put together a diagram of the application in the current state
    • Acquire server information and server groups
    • Add any missing server details
    • Prepares a map of the infrastructure applied to the target AWS instances
    • Validation of the network and storage dependencies/requirements

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