Quality Assurance

With all the projects we work on, we consistently apply a hefty amount of QA over every junction of the development cycle.

Along with conducting our own inquiries into the software we develop, we frequently communicate with our clients to ensure their projects are fully functioning. 

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What is Software QA?

Quality Assurance or QA is a necessary component of software development to ensure that a project doesn’t ship either half-baked or with glaring issues in its functionality. For every industry, there are certain standards that have to be met for both its purpose and more universal aspects such as security, reliability, and maintenance. There are also a number of bodies enforcing engineering and software standards that must be complied with regardless of industry. As such, all our projects come with a hefty amount of QA over the course of development. It’s important to guarantee the quality of the product being built.

Need QA?

Our QA department is well organized, is internally coordinated, and keeps a close eye on development progress.  Additionally, we keep our clients aware of project progress and frequently communicate about objectives.

How does QA Work?

This is a multi-step process that requires extensive planning and knowledge of what the clients want and what the application needs. After planning, QA will require very cautious execution and everyone involved to know what stage the developers are at and what issues arise. These will in turn make production easier and more predictable.

Understanding Project Requirements

When meeting with the clients for the first time, we will discuss in length what project they are presenting and what the goals are. These standards will be used to judge whether the app is functional and does accomplish what the software is designed to do. This can include whether the UI is user-friendly, the security strength, and how easy it will be to maintain.

Goals and Objectives

After discussing the requirements, we will draft core tests to best match the objectives established and designed to evaluate specific metrics and provide a tangible level of success. These tests will take place after each iteration of the application and at multiple junctures to avoid accidentally causing new errors during development. We will be providing clients with their own version of the application for their own inspections.

Finding and Reporting Issues

When the QA team rolls out the tests, they will report any issues and software defects to developers so they are aware of the problems. It’s also the QA team’s job to discover possible root causes of the problems so developers know what to look for.

Fixing and Repeating Test

After any fixes have been made, the QA team will then run through the tests again and attempt to recreate the bugs to ensure they have been removed. It’s especially important that new errors don’t arise in the wake of fixes. Assuming the fixes are implemented and work, the QA team then reports the fixes so developers can carry on with other objectives.

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Benefits of QA

The name of the game is preventing problems later with our software deliverables. It’s our job to make sure the software we develop is fully functional by project completion and QA helps both streamline production and simplify maintenance.

Saving Time

Though the QA cycle sounds like it would only take up extra time, it lets developers work with confidence knowing that what they’ve built works and the functions that don’t work won’t go unnoticed or impede other functions. 

Customer Experience and Satisfaction

If the end customer receives a bad product, that will in effect scare off future customers. The QA team works to ensure customers get a user-friendly interface free of problems and bugs. It shows the customer they can rely on us as developers by showing there is a quality product worth investing in.

Cost Savings

The severity of cost savings can depend on the company and application type. More universally, problems to be solved later are expensive. It means expending extra resources on problems that did not exist in the first place and halting all business operations to fix the issue. Then there are company stakeholders who may wish to withdraw when the application proves to be faulty. For applications that handle ample amounts of private data or are critical for necessary services, a lack of QA can result in legal issues.

Our Services

Our QA process has largely been confined to clients who have apps we are actively working to produce, but we are now looking to expand options further.  We are now looking to extend our QA services to development teams who have already made their own applications in-house and are looking to outsource the QA process to another team to conduct in their stead. If this option does spark interest, we are readily available for communications on what is to be proposed.