Latitude by Genesys

Latitude by Genesys makes debt collection relatively easy for first-party, debt buyers, and third-party agencies. Integration with Latitude involves sending and receiving files to an SFTP site. The Latitude AIM file formats can either be flat files of fixed width length or delimited (comma, tab, or pipe). XLS files can also be transferred. A few of the files generated from the Latitude and AIM databases are: Placement, Payment, Recall, and Demographics. Inbound files have an extension that starts with the letter ‘C’. Outbound files have an extension that starts with a letter ‘A’.


The DebtNext Platform (dPlat) provides a user-friendly and intuitive way to handle your account management. Integrating with DebtNext can be challenging as the files from DebtNext typically have to be downloaded through their web portal. We’ve automated this with Selenium, but these automations are brittle. Outbound files can be delivered by SFTP or Website portal. Ask for the SFTP solution for your outbound files.

Neu Analytics

Neu Analytics provides a receivables management platform with compliance at its core. Be careful of the Master record. If the Master record is off, then everything will be off. Also, make sure that you monitor the errors. For some reason, if one record fails in the file due to an invalid date format, then the whole file will fail.

AllCode has also integrated with a number of Payment Gateways including:

AllCode PayPal Integrations

PayPal is the original digital payment processor. Make sure that you configure your Instant Pay Notification (IPN) webhook to track all of the events to your transactions. Otherwise, you’ll be sorry.

AllCode Stripe

Stripe is the giant in the digital payment gateway space with their flexible API. We use Stripe to process payments, but their 2.9% is a bit steep.

AllCode Authorize.net

Authorize.net is another behemoth in the digital payment gateway space. We have one client that makes use of 25 different Authorize.net accounts. It would be great if they adopted the notion of an Organizational Unit so I could manage all of these accounts with one login.