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A comprehensive list of our how-to tutorials. Check out our step-by-step guides on how to solve a variety of common technical problems.

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Creating A New AWS EC2 Key For A Third Party Developer

This guide will take you through the steps to create a new Key and then add it to your EC2 instance.

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Creating An IAM User For Third Party Developers

Allow secure tailored access to your AWS infrastructure to engineers and developers.

AWS Business Continuity Plan

Learn how to create an effective business continuity plan for your AWS stack.

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Using Stable-Diffusion and Dreambooth to create personalized AI art – Part 2 of 3

Using Stable-Diffusion and Dreambooth to create personalized AI art – Part 2 of 3

DreamBooth is a deep learning generation model used to fine-tune existing text-to-image models, developed by researchers from Google Research and Boston University in 2022. Originally developed using Google's own Imagen text-to-image model, DreamBooth implementations can be applied to other text-to-image models, where it can allow the model to generate more fine-tuned and personalised outputs after training on three to five images of a subject.

How to Create and Add a Slack Workspace

How to Create and Add a Slack Workspace

Slack is a business-oriented instant messaging platform that facilitates the sharing of relevant information among team members. Slack improves workplace communication by fostering collaboration across departments.

Creating a Robust Data-Driven Platform

Creating a Robust Data-Driven Platform

Gathering data and applying it towards business operations is going to be critical going forward. Plenty of companies have already caught onto that trend and have put forward their own spins on data streamlining services that lets users seamlessly gather data from various streams securely and combine it into various spreadsheets and UIs in a way that minimizes risk, is cost effective, and lets users innovate faster. The following tools power some of the best power your web applications.

How to Reduce Your AWS Bill

How to Reduce Your AWS Bill

The extensive range of services and pricing options provided by AWS gives you the freedom to successfully control your costs while still maintaining the performance and capacity necessary for your organization. In this blog post, I will take a more tactical approach to reduce costs with changes in user demand. While the fundamental process of cost optimization on AWS remains the same – monitoring your AWS costs and usage, analyzing the data to find savings, and taking action to realize the savings is crucial in saving you money.

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