Amazon QuickSight Partner

AllCode is an Amazon QuickSight Partner and will help you implement QuickSight to make the most of Business Intelligence on AWS.  It is a tool designed to aid data-driven businesses at various levels and scales to better optimize applications in the cloud.  This will help users achieve greater efficiency and protect their data and architecture better.

Depending on the scale of a project, AllCode engineers will attend a datalab with the client developers to QuickSight dashboards for the client’s use case. 

  • This helps our engineers develop their understanding of how to apply QuickSight and the APIs we would be working with. 
  • Attending this datalab will be a project manager, a UI/UX engineer, and an analyst.  At this time, we’ll establish milestones and objectives for this project.
  • Dashboards built during this project will then be embedded into a REACT application  
  • The project required multiple iterations of the framework before it successfully worked.  At each milestone, we will conduct a review to ascertain progress and quality.

We specialize in helping to maximize your data by helping to identify trends and outliers in data gathered from your business operations.  During our time with your projects, data will be securely connected through VPCs and on-premises, federated authentication/SSO and AD integration established, and we’ll build interactive dashboards that embed analytics into the application interfaces that are easy to understand and abide by best practices.

Even after a project’s conclusion, we will continue to provide support and monitor behavior to ensure predicted behavior.  Due to the value of the data being handled, we will need to thoroughly evaluate all entry points into the network for potential vulnerabilities, including establishing AWS IAM roles that abide both by industry requirements and the client’s preference.  IAM roles will then be distributed to all client developers.

AWS Quicksight Partner

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Benefits of Amazon QuickSight

business intelligence spyglass

Business Intelligence Faster

Provide all your users with the same source of truth on interactive dashboards and give a unified building experience.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Save money and pay for only the resources used, with no initial investment.  Rates directly scale with resources used and for how long.

AWS Architect


Automatically scale to tens of thousands of users with minimal time spent on tinkering with server settings. 

QuickSight Features

With such elaborate Business Intelligence features, easily interpret customer interactions and find rising trends or changes.

Unified customer view

Paginated Reports

Create, schedule, and share reports and data exports that provide users with business-critical information in the most condensed way possible.

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Machine learning

Use Natural Language

Ask conversational questions about your data and receive relevant visualizations. QuickSight Q is already prepared to use ML to interpret the intent of a question and analyze the data to quickly provide answers.

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Big Data Software Development

Interactive Visual Elements

Embed interactive visualizations and natural language processing into applications to improve user experiences and discover monetization opportunities.

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Use Cases of Amazon QuickSight

Web and Mobile Applications

With the tools provided for constructing interfaces, it’s rather easy to use QuickSight to formulate a number of data-driven applications that detailed, but easy to read recommendations for customer interaction.

Customer Sentiments

By selecting keywords or certain phrases in customer media, users can sift through mass social media for these words and determine the context they are being used.  For example, a positive or negative reaction.

Healthcare Applications

Healthcare apps demand a flexible, durable, massively scalable, and low-cost database solution, rendering Amazon RDS an obvious choice.

Deploy QuickSight with Confidence

Our solutions are vetted by AWS to ensure that we have the proficiency to help you build relational databases on AWS. Learn how we can help!

What about our customers


ICANotes was founded back in 1999 and quickly outgrew its original intentions.  With a clear demand for a similar solution on a much greater scale, we were brought on board to help reproduce the solution on a much more flexible framework.  Using AWS, they have managed to benefit from 


IBids enables people in the Dominican Republic to acquire information on the bids for state sales opportunities.  They wanted an application with dashboards customers could easily understand.  To gain a better understanding of this use case, our technicians were invited to meet with their developers to devise a method of embedding the data source into their dashboards.

Why work with us?

AllCode Expertise


Our professionals have been working with Amazon RDS since the beginning and are keen on best practices that will save you time and money.


AllCode provides Nearshore, Offshore, and Hybrid delivery models so that you can scale your business with the adequate skills and resources right when you need it.


We provide dedicated project managers that will work directly with your team to ensure that you’re aware of what’s going on every step of the way.

AWS Insights from the AllCode Team

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