Healthcare Software Development

MobileAWS has extensive experience delivering healthcare SaaS solutions. Our team has delivered the cloud solutions for both: MedVantage and the Self Health Network.
MedVantage delivered a rules based software platform to build and deliver clinical quality and affordability measures to grade physicians. Started in 2006, MedVantage quickly acquired customers in Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, Highmark, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. MedVantage was then funded by a joint venture of these same insurance plans. The key members of the MobileAWS team designed, developed, and operated the MedVantage solution. IMS Health acquired MedVantage in 2011. The MedVantage solution is now the Payer & Provider Performance solution for IMS Health. To learn more about MedVantage, the patent, which members of the MobileAWS team contributed to, is a good place to start.

At the Self Health Network, the key members of the MobileAWS team designed, developed and operated the I’M HOME solution to reduce hospital readmissions by creating a private roles based social network to facilitate the communication of care plans between providers, caregivers, and patients. The I’M HOME solution is written in Php and Java, runs at Rackspace, integrates with FitBit and Withings, and provides a REST based API for the HTML 5 based mobile applications to communicate with. You can see the iOS application here. Note, we currently recommend that our customers build native mobile applications. SHN also has a provisional patent, which members of the MobileAWS team contributed to:

U.S. Serial No. 14/542,345; “Method for Collecting Proprietary Population Health Data through Utilization of a Cloud-Based and Mobile Service by Users of Differing Roles. “