AWS Analytics Services

AWS Athena

S3-based query data using SQL

AWS Cloudsearch

Managed Search Service

AWS Elasticsearch

Streamline Elasticsearch Clusters


Big Data Frameworks

AWS Finspace

Financial Industry Data Service


Tool to build and run apps on Kafka

AWS Redshift

Data Cloud Warehouse

AWS QuickSight

ML Business Intelligence Tool

AWS Data Exchange

Locate Third-party Data In The Cloud

AWS Data Pipeline

Automation Data Transformation Tool

AWS Glue

Serverless Data Integration

AWS Lake Formation

Building Secure Data Lakes

AWS Application Integration Services

AWS Step Functions

Visualization For Work Flows

AWS AppFlow

Automate Data Flows

AWS EventBridge

Build Event-Based Applications


Big Data Frameworks

AWS Finspace

Financial Industry Data Service


Tool to build and run apps on Kafka

AWS Redshift

Data Cloud Warehouse

AWS QuickSight

ML Business Intelligence Tool

AWS Data Exchange

Locate Third-party Data In The Cloud

AWS Data Pipeline

Automation tool for data transformation

AWS Glue

Serverless Data Integration

AWS Lake Formation

Building Secure Data Lakes

AWS Blockchain Services

Amazon Managed Blockchain

Simple Blockchain Tool

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database

Fully Managed Ledger Database

AWS Business Application Services

Alexa For Business

Amazon’s Intelligent Assistant Service

Amazon Chime

Video Conferencing

Amazon Honeycomb

App Builder To Manage Your Team’s Work

Amazon WorkDocs

Content Creation Tools

Amazon WorkMail

AWS In-House Email Service

AWS Cloud Financial Management Services

AWS Cost Explorer

Cost Analyzation Tool

AWS Budgets

Budgeting Forecasts

AWS Costs and Usage Reports

Reports On Service Usage

Reserved Instance Reporting

Instance Reservations Management

Savings Plan

Flexible Budget Modeling For AWS

AWS Compute Services

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

Scale EC2 Instances On-demand

AWS App Runner

Automated Web App Management

AWS Batch

Run Thousands of Compute Jobs in Parallel

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Automatic deploying and scaling of your web app

AWS Outposts

For users who need AWS services to be on-premises as opposed to the cloud

AWS Serverless Application Repository

Enables the storage and development of serverless architectures

AWS Snow Family

Migration and storage processing tool

AWS Wavelength

Application delivery for 5G

VMWare Cloud on AWS

A fast cloud hybrid service

AWS Container Services

Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Automated container repositories

Amazon Elastic Container Service

Streamlined Container Service

Amazon ECS Anywhere

Run containers on customer infrastructure

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

In-house tools to run Kubernetes in either the AWS cloud or on-premises

Amazon EKS Distro

Open source distribution of Kubernetes

AWS App2Container

Tool for modernizing .NET and Java applications into container applications

AWS Copilot

Container management

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Leverage for those already familiar with OpenShift

AWS Customer Engagement Services

Amazon Connect

Customer service center

Amazon Pinpoint

Multichannel marketing communication device

Amazon Simple Email Service

Utility for developers to send mail from any device

AWS Developer Tools

Amazon CodeGuru

Automated code reviews and optimization

Amazon Correto

No-cost, multiplatform distribution of OpenJKD

Amazon Cloud Development Kit

Open-source development framework to define your cloud application resources

AWS Cloud9

Cloud-based development environment

AWS CloudShell

Browser-based shell for interacting with your AWS services

AWS CodeArtifact

Artifact repository for secure storage, publishing, and sharing software packages during development

AWS CodeBuild

Integration service that compiles code, runs tests, and produces software packages

AWS CodeCommit

Collaboration tool for code

AWS CodeDeploy

Utility for developers to send mail from any device

AWS CodePipeline

Delivery service designed to deploy updates rapidly and reliably

AWS CodeStar

User interface for developing, building, and deploying AWS applications

AWS Command Line Interface

Tool for managing AWS services

AWS Device Farm

Testing range for your applications across a collection of test devices

AWS Fault Injector Simulator

Experiment control tools for stress testing

AWS Tools and SDKs

Use your preferred development tools and languages


Debug tool

AWS End User Computing Services

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Remote desktop

Amazon WorkLink

Secure mobile access to your websites and applications

Amazon WorkSpaces

For desktop virtualization

AWS Front-End Web and Mobile Services

AWS Amplify

Tools for front-end web and mobile development

Amazon API Gateway

Create, maintain, and secure APIs

Amazon Location Service

Location data to applications service

Amazon Device Farm

Application testing ground

AWS Game Tech Services

Amazon GameLift

Multiplayer platform

Amazon Lumberyard

Game development platform

AWS Internet of Things Services

AWS IoT Core

Automated code reviews and optimization

AWS Greengrass

Allows for faster development and deployment

AWS IoT 1-Click

Trigger events from simple devices

AWS IoT Analytics

Analytics for IoT devices

AWS IoT Button

Programmable dash button

AWS IoT Device Defender

IoT security management

AWS IoT Management

IoT monitoring

AWS IoT Events

Allows rapid detection and response to IoT sensors and applications

AWS IoT SiteWise

Collects data consistently across devices

AWS IoT Things Graph

Visualizes IoT objects to make developing applications easier

AWS Partner Device Catalog

Verification for partners to put devices on the AWS Partner Device Catalogue


Verification for partners to put devices on the AWS Partner Device Catalogue

AWS Machine Learning Services

Amazon SageMaker

Toolset for deploying machine learning models quickly

Amazon Augmented AI

Ease of human oversight in the application of machine learning

Amazon CodeGuru

Recommendations for streamlining code using machine learning

Amazon Comprehend

Machine learning designed to handle unstructured data

Amazon DevOps Guru

Operational issues detection using machine learning

Amazon Elastic Inference

Lowering the cost of learning inference by integrating a low-cost GPU

Amazon Forecast

Weather forecasting using machine learning

Amazon Fraud Detector

Automated fraud detection

Amazon Healthlake

Health data analytics

Amazon Kendra

Search device using machine learning

Amazon Lex

Conversational AI for chatbots

Amazon Lookout for Equipment

Faulty equipment detection using machine learning

Amazon Lookout for Metrics

Anomaly detection in business analytics using machine learning

Amazon Lookout for Vision

Defective product detection using machine learning

Amazon Minitron

Machine breakdown detection using machine learning

Amazon Personalize

Simplifies the development of software capable of personalizing experiences

Amazon Polly

Text-to-speech program

Amazon Rekognition

Streamlines integrating machine learning into your applications

Amazon Sagemaker Data Wrangler

Streamlines preparing data for machine learning

Amazon Sagemaker Ground Truth

Labeling for training data for machine learning at scale

Amazon Textract

Verification for partners to put devices on the AWS Partner Device Catalogue

Amazon Translate

Language translation service

Amazon Transcribe

Speech-to-text module for applications

Amazon Deep Learning AMIs

Preconfigured machine learning environments

AWS Deep Learning Containers

Fast setup for machine learning environments

AWS Deep Composer

Hands-on machine learning experience with a music set

AWS DeepLense

Machine learning-enabled camera

AWS DeepRacer

Hands-on machine learning experience with a 3D racetrack

AWS Inferentia

High-performance machine learning chip

AWS Panorama

Machine learning appliance and software development kit

PyTorch on AWS

Deep learning framework on which to develop machine learning models

Apache MXNet on AWS

Fast training interface for machine learning

TensorFlow on AWS

Deep learning framework

AWS Managment and Governance Services

Amazon CloudWatch

Provides data and actionable insight to your applications

AWS Auto Scaling

Adjusts applications to meet the best performance for the lowest possible cost

AWS Chatbot

Interactive agent that monitors and interacts with AWS resources, can work with Slack and Amazon Chime

AWS CloudFormation

Structures AWS services based on templates of your design

AWS CloudTrail

Keeps an eye on your cloud activity and logs changes

AWS Compute Optimizer

Aims to minimize costs for running AWS services

AWS Config

Lets you asses, audit, and evaluate AWS resource configurations

AWS Control Tower

For setting multi-account AWS environments, called landing zones

AWS Console Mobile Application

The mobile solution for responding to incidents while you’re on the go

AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry

AWS supported distribution of the OpenTelemetry project

AWS Launch Wizard

Offers guidance in scaling, configuring, and deploying AWS for third-party applications

AWS License Manager

Simplifies license management

AWS Management Console

The primary interface for everything AWS

AWS Managed Services

Operate AWS infrastructure more safely and securely

Amazon Managed Services for Grafana

Visualizes your operational data at scale

Amazon Management Services for Prometheus

Lets you monitor containerized applications at scale

AWS OpsWorks

Lets you automate how servers are configured, deployed, and managed across EC2

AWS Organization

Central control for your environments


AWS Personal Health Dasbhoard

Provides alerts and guidance for AWS events that might affect your environment

AWS Proton

Delivery service for container and serverless applications

AWS Service Catalog

Verification for partners to put devices on the AWS Partner Device Catalogue

AWS Systems Manager

Operations hub for AWS

AWS Trusted Advisor

Provides help for best recommended practices

AWS Well-Architected Tool

Utility for reviewing the state of workloads

AWS Media Services

Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Used for transcoding media to the cloud

Amazon Interactive Video Service

Quick and easy live-stream solution

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

Helps in securely streaming videos

AWS Elemental MediaConnect

High-quality transport service for live video

AWS Elemental MediaConvert

File-based video transcoding service with broadcast-grade features

AWS Elemental MediaLive

For making high-quality video streams

AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Prepares and protects your media as it’s deployed

AWS Elemental MediaStore

For optimizing live streaming

AWS MediaTailor

For inserting advertisement into your videos

AWS Elemental Appliances and Software

Provides advanced video processing and delivering tools to your on-site centers

AWS Nimble Studio

Provides tools for animation, visual effects, and otherwise interactive elements

AWS Migration and Transfer Services

AWS Migration Hub

Center for tracking migration projects

Amazon Application Discovery Service

Helps to plan migration projects

AWS Application Migration Service

Helps in securely streaming videos

AWS Transfer Family

Seamless migration of files throughout AWS

Migration Evaluator

Aims to make your transition to the cloud as cost-effective and painless as possible

AWS Networking and Content Delivery Services

Amazon VPC

Service for launching AWS resources that are isolated per your logic

Amazon CloudFront

Fast content delivery network (CDN)

Amazon Route 53

Available and scalable domain name system (DNS)

Amazon PrivateLink

Integral VPN

AWS App Mesh

Control of your application’s internal communication

AWS Cloud Map

Control of your application’s availability

AWS Direct Connect

Private network connection

AWS Global Accelerator

Network optimization

AWS Transit Gateway

Gateway for connecting AWS cloud services to on-premises hardware

Elastic Load Balancing

Distributes incoming application traffic to multiple targets

AWS Quantum Technologies Services

Amazon Braket

Integral quantum computing service

AWS Robotics Services

AWS RoboMaker

Ease-of-use tool for integrating robotics into your operations

AWS Satellite Services

AWS Ground Station

Satellite data processing and communications

AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance Services

AWS Identity, Access, & and Management

Service for launching AWS resources that are isolated per your logic

Amazon Cognito

For direct security control of your applications

Amazon Detective

Analyzes possible root causes for security issues

Amazon GuardDuty

Automatically monitors for unauthorized interactions and malicious activity

Amazon Inspector

Automatically assess your applications for possible exploits

Amazon Macie

Automated security that seeks out and protects sensitive data

AWS Artifact

Central resource for compliance-related information

AWS Audit Manager

Simplifies assessment process of risk and compliance

AWS Certificate Manager

Gateway for connecting AWS cloud services to on-premises hardware


Private network connection

AWS Directory Service

Integral Active Directory (AD) tools

AWS Firewall Manager

Configuration tool for your firewalls

AWS Resource Access Manager

Share resources across your AWS accounts

AWS Secrets Manager

Rotate secrets without the need of deploying new code

AWS Security Hub

Comprehensive view of security alerts and security standing across your applications

AWS Shield

DDoS protection

AWS Single Sign-On

Management tool for workforce IDs in AWS


Protects web-applications against internet exploits

AWS Serverless Services

AWS Lambda

Tool for modifying AWS service logic to suit your needs

Amazon API Gateway

API management tool

Amazon DynamoDB

Key-value and document database

Amazon Simple Notification System

Message service for application-to-application and application-to-person communication

Amazon Simple Queue System

Message service for application-to-application and application-to-person communication

AWS Fargate

Serverless compute engine meant to work with ECS and EKS

AWS Step Functions

Visual interface to help manage your AWS services

AWS Storage Services

Amazon Simple Storage System (S3)

Storage system designed to be used from anywhere

Amazon Elastic Book Store

High-performance block storage designed to work natively with EC2

Amazon Elastic File System

A hands-off, serverless file system that doesn’t need scaling or provisioning

Amazon FSx for Lustre

High-performance file storage that works natively with S3

Amazon FSx for Window File System

Scalable file storage over Server Message Block (SMB) protocol

Amazon S3 Glacier

Long-term, highly durable storage

AWS Backup

A centralized and automated tool for keeping your data safe

AWS Storage Facility

Replatforming tool for making the transition to the AWS cloud

CloudEnsure Disaster Recovery

Safety net utility to prevent asset and data loss

AWS VR and AR Services

Amazon Sumerian

3D design tool

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