Document Automation for Healthcare

Document Automation for the Healthcare Industry

Amazon Textract is a great tool that enables healthcare facilities to quickly and easily gather data in raw forms, such as healthcare claims, medical charts, and more.

Document automation ensures accurate, smooth operations in businesses with a high flow of unique customers, such as in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry requires the collection of various forms and documents to generate invoices, referrals, and much more.

As we reveal how AWS has helped automate documents in the healthcare industry, the visibility of the trend will be recognized in other fields, such as SEO for solicitors. In addition to the raw data depicting offerings, Amazon provides several other services that help you identify trends and streamline your business to the max capacity.

Amazon textract

Amazon Textract leverages machine learning to perceive and document complex information, from insurance claims to scanned medical charts for instantaneous search and tracking. Textract is furnished with the proper HIPAA compliance protocols, which helps you retrieve data from documents accurately and refine your decision making.

Considering the vast amount of data accessible by AWS, Amazon Textract is significantly faster and more powerful than the standard optical character recognition software - allowing you process millions of pages in just hours.

Intelligent form reader

Intelligent Form Reader is a service created by salesforce that integrates Amazon Textract to read, identify, and apprehend intricate data sets. This process takes the place of operators manually reading through customer documents and taking note of vital information to convert their data into an accessible and comprehensible form.

The Intelligent Form Reader can identify diverse customer data like gender, date of birth, last appointment, current ailment, insurance information, and much more. It is then able to correlate this data with the accurate field. Next, this tabulated data is presented to an operator for fast, simple confirmation, helping them efficiently verify the extracted data.

Intelligent document automation

After that, the intelligence form reader forwards its data to Intelligent Document Automation (IDA). IDA can use that data to generate invoices automatically and fill forms for the next step of the process, such as payment or referrals.

Automatic routing

IDA also uses machine learning for document routing. Salesforce intends to bring all interactions and management of documentation onto a single, integrated platform.

While a customer or an operator uploads a document or a scanned image to the system, IDA identifies where this document must go for the next step in its processing and automatically sends it to the correct location.

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Automatic checklists

IDA can also make use of the collected data to automatically compare it with prepared checklists, ensuring all the necessary data is available for further processing. After everything is confirmed, IDA allows operators to separate pages from different documents to attach to new forms or create unique, concise documents.

One platform

IDA is designed to consolidate document automation. Hence, they can receive documents from diverse channels, including faxes, paper documents, e-mail attachments, and any other digital or hard form data.

Without Amazon Textract, IDA could not successfully read handwritten and scanned documents for comprehensible analysis.

Amazon Textract

Saving time

Overall, IDA improves the system in terms of saving time, preventing mistakes, and enhancing interpersonal communication. Foremost, data automation saves hours of manual document reading and data entry with its instant processing.

The routing automation means operators no longer manually open and read documents. In addition, they don’t need to understand and process the paper’s purpose or case in order to know where the document needs to go.

The ease of access to manipulate documents, cut pages and portions out, and reassemble them into a different form also contributes to the time-saving benefits.

Lastly, you can do all this on a single platform - it saves time switching between software and services and reduces the amount of effort required to learn the individual processes.


Pro Tip: If you notice inconsistent results while using Amazon Textract, try text detection as a workaround or in tandem with your workload.

Improving personal relations

An operator’s core job is to assist customers in a way they find agreeable. An operator’s task is to interact with the customers and guide them through the process.

Before IDA, operators were bogged down by hours of menial data entry, document editing, and routing. Those problems have greatly been reduced, allowing operators to return to their focus to ensure customers receive the proper care and services with a personal touch.

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