Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex

For conversational interfaces in applications, Amazon Lex is a fully managed artificial intelligence (AI) service with advanced natural language models that can be used to design, construct, test, and deploy conversational interfaces.

What is Amazon Lex?

Create conversational interfaces effortlessly with Amazon Lex, a fully managed AI service that offers advanced natural language models. Whether you need chatbots, voice assistants, or virtual assistants, Amazon Lex has got you covered. With its seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI), it understands the purpose, keeps context, and automates simple activities across multiple languages.

Building your bot in Amazon Lex is a breeze. Begin by defining the tasks your bot will perform, known as intents. These intents encompass the specific actions your bot will execute. To make your bot truly interactive, you’ll add sample utterances and slots to each intent. Utterances are phrases that trigger the intent, while slots gather the necessary input data to fulfill the intent’s purpose.

But it doesn’t stop there. Amazon Lex empowers you to infuse your bot with business common sense, ensuring it executes actions with precision. The best part? Creating an Amazon Lex bot is incredibly flexible - you can do it through the user-friendly Console or leverage the power of REST APIs.

Amazon Lex truly shines with its easy integration with other AWS services. Gain effortless access to data, execute complex business logic, and monitor performance seamlessly. And the best part? There are no setup costs or minimum payments. You only pay for the text and voice requests that flow through your bot, making it a cost-effective solution for your conversational interface needs.

How does it Work?

Amazon Lex is a powerful tool that operates on the same technology as Alexa, the popular voice-powered virtual assistant. By seamlessly integrating with AWS Lambda, it enables the execution of complex business logic and facilitates data retrieval and updates. With this integration, the implementation of business logic at scale becomes effortless, allowing you to remain in control of your environment while focusing on designing innovative bots.

One of the remarkable features of Amazon Lex is its ability to interface with your existing corporate applications and databases through the use of AWS Lambda. By creating integration code, you can effortlessly connect your bot to external sources such as Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon SNS. As data is provided or received from these sources, AWS Lambda automatically executes your integration code, ensuring a smooth flow of information.

Moreover, Amazon Lex provides a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use end-to-end solution for building, monitoring, and publishing bots. Whether you intend to deploy your bot on chat platforms, IoT devices, or mobile clients, Amazon Lex offers a versatile platform that caters to your specific needs. Handling the underlying infrastructure and security aspects, it allows you to focus on the essential task of designing and implementing your bot’s functionality.



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Accurate, high-quality voice synthesis and comprehension

Amazon Lex uses speech recognition and natural language processing technology to build a system that can understand spoken words. Amazon Lex uses the same known technology as Alexa. Amazon Lex is able to learn from a few sample utterances provided by the developer how users can express their intent. The spoken language understanding system decodes the user’s purpose using natural language speech and text input.

The management of context

While engaging in a conversation, it is necessary to keep an eye on the bigger picture. Using Amazon Lex’s native context management functionality does not necessitate writing any new code. Contexts can be used to perform related intents after the initial requirements are met. This new method makes it easier to design conversational interfaces for automated systems.

Audio support for 8 kHz telephony

The training of Amazon Lex on 8-kHz sampling rate audio has enhanced the accuracy of speech recognition for telephone applications. A conversational bot built with Amazon Lex can have better fidelity because of the 8 kHz capacity for phone speech interactions, such as through a contact centre application or helpdesk.

Multi-way conversation

Amazon Lex bots are capable of holding conversations with multiple stages. It is essential to keep in mind that after an intent has been identified, users will be prompted to provide the information that is essential for the intent to be carried out successfully (such as check-in date and number of nights). Amazon Lex makes it easy to design multi-turn dialogues for your chatbots so you can test different scenarios. Amazon Lex will take care of orchestrating the conversation by asking for the appropriate slot, and all you will need to do is list the slots/parameters that you want to collect from the people that use your bot.

Amazon Lex Chatbot

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Productivity of the Builder

Enormous Lifecycle Management Powers

Amazon Lex has a versioning option for the Intents and Bots you create. Versioning and rollback methods make it easier to keep track of code in a multi-developer environment. It is possible to create multiple aliases for Amazon Lex bots, each of which can be linked to a different version of the bot. To release new versions of the bot with your most recent updates and improvements, use this alias. There is no longer a requirement to re-update all of the clients when a new version of the bot is deployed.

As many platforms as you want with a single click.

Instead of building for each platform independently, you may publish your bot to chat services directly from the Amazon Lex interface. Chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Twilio SMS have a natural user experience because of their rich formatting possibilities.

Console performance has been improved.

Create, deploy, and manage conversational interactions with ease with the Lex V2 console. Because of Lex V2, a bot can have as many languages as it needs during the design, testing, and deployment phases of its lifecycle, all of which can be treated as a single resource. A reduced information architecture makes it easier to handle both versions. A ‘Conversation Flow,’ the option to save partially constructed bots, and the ability to upload utterances in bulk shorten the process and allow you to be more flexible in your use of the service.

Conversations being streamed

Pauses and interruptions interrupt and disrupt the natural flow of dialogue. When paying a bill by phone, a caller may ask to pause or hold the discussion while they look for the necessary information before answering a query about providing credit card information. streaming conversation APIs allow you to save time and effort by pausing a conversation and dealing with interruptions as you customize the bot. Using the correct technologies, virtual contact centre employees or smart assistants’ conversational abilities can be quickly improved.

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Integrations between AWS services

Integration with the Amazon Kendra platform

Amazon Lex seamlessly integrates with the Amazon Kendra platform. This integration is particularly useful for customer support conversations, as it enables the bot to locate specific information from unstructured documents and FAQs. By including a Kendra search purpose in your question, you can ensure the most accurate answers are provided to your customers.

Amazon Polly is integrated into the system.

Amazon Lex integrates with Amazon Polly. This integration allows you to turn text into a natural-sounding voice, opening up possibilities for developing speech-enabled products and applications. With Polly, your bot can provide answers in a voice that is both engaging and human-like.

Integration with Amazon Web Services Lambda

With this integration, Amazon Lex enables seamless data retrieval, updates, and execution of business logic. This native integration with AWS Lambda ensures that developers can leverage the power of cloud computing, allowing for the implementation of business logic at scale. Additionally, it provides easy access to existing corporate applications and databases, further extending the capabilities of your conversational interface.

Integrations with Contact Centers

Amazon Connect integration

For contact centers, Amazon Lex offers integrations with Amazon Connect, AWS’ cloud-based contact center solution. These integrations enable developers to build voice-based conversational bots that can handle customer queries over the phone. By leveraging the APIs provided, Amazon Lex can be seamlessly integrated into any call center application.

Contact Center Intelligence from Amazon Web Services (AWS) integrations (CCI)

Moreover, Amazon Lex goes beyond the basics of contact center integration. It is also integrated with several AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) partners, including Genesys, 8×8, Xapp.ai, Clevy, Inference, UIPath, and VoiceWorx.ai. This broad integration allows you to effortlessly create self-service customer care virtual agents, informational bots, and application bots, expanding the capabilities of your conversational interface.


It is possible to include voice and text-based conversational interfaces into any application that uses Amazon Lex, a service that Amazon provides. With Amazon Lex, you only pay for the services you actually need. Neither a down payment nor a minimum payment is required. Conversations with Lex bots on Amazon Lex can take place in a variety of ways, from one-on-one engagements to continuous streams. Because of this interaction, each user input (voice or text) is considered as a single API call during the request and response interaction. All of the user inputs from numerous turns are handled in a single streaming API call if you’re engaging in a streaming conversation.

The pricing for Amazon Lex is based on a pay-as-you-go model, which means you are only charged for the actual usage of the service. The charges are calculated depending on the number of voice or text requests processed by your bot. For text requests, the cost is $0.00075 per request, while for voice requests, it is $0.004 per request.

If you’re interested in trying out Amazon Lex, you have the opportunity to do so for free. When you start using the service, you can benefit from a monthly allowance of up to 10,000 text requests and 5,000 speech requests without any charges for the first year. This allows you to explore and integrate Amazon Lex into your applications without incurring any costs.

Use Cases

Financial Services: With AWS, financial institutions may stand out from the competition while also preparing for the problems of the future in the banking, payment, capital market, insurance, and capital markets industries sectors. A financial institution may use Amazon Lex to change the way it delivers customer service to keep up with the evolving needs of its customers. Pre-built solutions for your use case are available with Amazon Lex for Financial Services, ensuring a positive customer experience without sacrificing operational efficiency. It is possible to utilize pre-built chatbots to automate customer assistance interactions such as credit card payments and mortgage loan applications. Amazon Connect contact flows are coupled with pre-configured bots for financial industry use cases that are pre-configured with intents, sample utterances, and slot types.

Credit card and bank accounts are only a few examples of the services that can be provided by financial institutions.

Insurance: Insurance businesses can take use of AWS’s adaptable infrastructure to improve customer interactions and risk profiles. Insurers may quickly create new digital customer experiences for their customers when they use Amazon Lex to enhance their basic infrastructure and offer customized insurance solutions.

Pre-built solutions from Amazon Lex for Insurance allow you to develop experiences at scale and increase digital engagement. Customer interactions including claims processing, policy administration, premium payment, and insurance quotations can be automated using pre-programmed chatbots. Conversation flows, training data, and dialogue prompts that may be utilised in both voice and chat are included in bots created for specific purposes. If you can deliver client solutions faster while still making the most of your existing resources, your teams may be able to work on more difficult problems and build deeper relationships.

Claims processing, house and auto policies and life policies are just a few instances of policy management and claims.

Retail: Retailers can create unique customer experiences, improve revenue, and do all of this on a fast, scalable, and flexible cloud infrastructure thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS). To let businesses experiment with new ideas and improve the efficiency of their operations by giving a dynamic conversational experience is what Amazon Lex is all about.

Amazon Lex for Retail provides pre-built solutions to ensure a consistent brand experience across multiple touchpoints and transform customer contact. Automated interactions like checking the order status, redeeming loyalty points, and locating a retail location can be delivered by pre-built chatbots. Prebuilt bots for retail use contain ready-to-use bot setup and sample business logic links. These technologies can be deployed in a contact centre (for example, Amazon Connect), on social media platforms (for example, Facebook Messenger), or in a mobile application to deliver a rich across all stages of a customer’s relationship.

A few examples are customer account administration, order processing, shipping, loyalty programmes, and retail shop cards.

Telecom: AWS has the most up-to-date and secure cloud infrastructure, the fastest innovation, and the most comprehensive telecom alliances in the industry. Telecom firms can benefit from Amazon Lex by streamlining service delivery and providing their clients with access to cutting-edge communication and media technology. Customers’ experiences are improved, and operational costs are reduced, thanks to Amazon Lex for Telecom’s pre-built solutions. Paying bills, debating offers and supervising installations are all part of this process. All the way from acquiring more data to checking user inputs and applying business logic are the pre-built bots that provide end-to-end conversation flows for telecom use case scenarios. Account management, mobile, internet, television, and business solutions are just a few of the many options available.

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