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Amazon Lex

For conversational interfaces in applications, Amazon Lex is a fully managed artificial intelligence (AI) service with advanced natural language models that can be used to design, construct, test, and deploy conversational interfaces.

What is Amazon Lex?

Amazon Lex is an Amazon Web Service that provides easy integration of artificial intelligence (AI) that understands purpose, keeps context, and automates simple activities across multiple languages. One click allows you to create and deploy omnichannel conversational AI without having to worry about hardware or infrastructure. It helps in easily integrating with other AWS services to access data, execute business logic, monitor performance, and perform other functions. There are no upfront costs or minimum payments; you simply pay for the speech and text requests you receive. 

How does it Work?

Amazon Lex, a fully managed service powered by the same technology as Alexa, gives you the resources to tackle difficult deep learning tasks like speech recognition and language interpretation. Amazon Lex integrates with AWS Lambda, allowing you to easily trigger functions for data retrieval and updating. It can be implemented to chat platforms, smartphone apps, and IoT devices. You can also use the reports to track your bot’s metrics. Amazon Lex is an end-to-end system for building, publishing, and monitoring bots.

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Accurate, high-quality voice synthesis and comprehension

In order to construct a system that can interpret spoken language, Amazon Lex makes use of speech recognition and natural language processing technology. When it comes to Alexa, Amazon Lex employs the same established technology. Based on a few sample utterances provided by the developer, Amazon Lex is able to learn the various ways users can communicate their purpose. Using natural language speech and text input, the spoken language understanding system decodes the user’s intent before delivering a suitable reply.

Manage Context

Conversations that go on for more than one turn require context management in order to appropriately classify statements. It is not necessary to write any new code in order to use Amazon Lex’s native support for managing the context. You can use “contexts” to execute related intents once the initial required intents have been fulfilled. Automated conversational interfaces are now easier to create thanks to this new approach.

Audio support for 8 kHz telephony

Speech recognition accuracy for telephony applications is improved because to Amazon Lex’s training on 8-kHz sampling rate audio. The 8 kHz capability for telephone speech interactions, such as through a contact center application or help desk, allows for improved fidelity when constructing a conversational bot using Amazon Lex.

Multi-way conversation

Amazon Lex bots allow for multi-step dialogues. It is important to note that once an intent has been discovered, users will be prompted for information that is necessary for the intent to be fulfilled (such as check-in date and number of nights). In order to construct multi-turn dialogues for your chatbots, Amazon Lex makes it simple. Amazon Lex takes care of orchestrating the dialogue by prompting for the right slot, and all you have to do is list the slots/parameters you want to collect from your bot users.

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Productivity of the Builder

Enormous Lifecycle Management Powers

A versioning feature is available in Amazon Lex for the Intent and Bots you construct. It’s easier to manage code in a multi-developer environment thanks to versioning and rollback methods. Multiple aliases for Amazon Lex bots can be set up for each and each can be associated with a distinct version of the bot. By using this alias, you can release fresh versions of the bot that incorporate your latest changes and enhancements. When a new version of the bot is deployed, there is no longer a need to re-update all the clients.

Deployment to many platforms with a single click

Because you can publish your bot to chat services straight from the Amazon Lex interface, you don’t have to go through the extra process of developing for each platform separately. Rich formatting options for chat services like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Twilio SMS give a natural user experience.

Console performance has been improved.

The Lex V2 console interface simplifies the process of creating, deploying, and managing conversational interactions. As a result of Lex V2, you may add a new language to a bot at any moment and manage all of the languages as a single resource throughout the bot’s lifecycle of design, testing, and deployment. You can manage your bot versions more efficiently if your information architecture is streamlined. Capabilities such as a ‘Conversation Flow,’ the ability to save partially configured bots, and the ability to upload utterances in bulk streamline the process and increase your flexibility.

Conversations being streamed

The natural flow of discourse is interrupted and disrupted by pauses and interruptions. For example, a caller may request that the conversation be paused or that the line be held while they hunt up the appropriate information before answering a question to retrieve credit card information when making a bill payment over the phone. With streaming conversation APIs, you can pause a discussion and deal with interruptions as you configure the bot, saving you time and effort. The conversational ability of virtual contact centre agents or smart assistants can be quickly improved with the right tools.

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Integrations between AWS services

Integration with the Amazon Kendra platform

Customer service conversations are frequently centered on locating specific information in order to respond to specific questions. As a result of machine learning, Amazon Kendra provides you with an intelligent search tool that is extremely accurate and simple to use. To discover the most accurate responses from unstructured materials and FAQs, you can include a Kendra search purpose in your query. If you want to increase the informational capabilities of the bot, you just describe the search index parameters in the intent as part of the bot definition.

Amazon Polly is integrated into the system.

Amazon Polly is a service that converts text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create applications that talk and create entirely new categories of speech-enabled products by converting text into speech. Polly can be used to respond to your users when they are engaged in speech interactions. The Amazon Polly service now includes Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) voices in addition to standard TTS voices, which provide advanced improvements in speech quality by utilizing a novel machine learning method to speech recognition.

Integration with Amazon Web Services Lambda

The integration of Amazon Lex with AWS Lambda for data retrieval, updates, and business logic execution is native to the cloud computing platform. While you concentrate on designing bots, the serverless compute capability enables for the effortless execution of business logic at scale while you remain in control of the environment. You may use AWS Lambda to quickly interface with your existing corporate applications and databases from the Lambda platform. You only need to write your integration code, and AWS Lambda will automatically execute your code whenever data from an external system is sent or received by the system. AWS resources such as Amazon DynamoDB for persistent conversation state and Amazon SNS for notifying end users can also be accessed using this interface.

Integrations with Contact Centers

Amazon Connect integration

Developers may create voice-based conversational bots that can handle consumer enquiries over the phone using Amazon Lex, which is natively connected with Amazon Connect, AWS’ cloud-based contact centre. The APIs of Amazon Lex allow you to incorporate it into any call centre application.

Integrations with Amazon Web Services’ Contact Center Intelligence (CCI)

Using Amazon Lex, which is linked with numerous AWS CCI partners, you may construct self-service customer support virtual agents, informational bots, and application bots in an automated and seamless manner. Genesys, 8×8, Xapp.ai, Clevy, Inference, UIPath, and VoiceWorx.ai are some of the Amazon Lex partners that have signed on.


Voice and text-based conversational interfaces can be built into any application utilizing Amazon Lex, which is a service provided by Amazon. With Amazon Lex, you only pay for the services that you really utilize. There is no requirement to make an upfront commitment or to pay a minimum fee. Lex bots are designed to engage in request and response interactions as well as continuous streaming conversations on Amazon Lex. Because of this interaction, each user input (voice or text) is treated as a single API call during the request and answer interaction. If you are participating in a streaming conversation, all of the user inputs from several turns are handled in a single streaming API request.

Use Cases

Financial Services: With AWS, financial institutions in the banking, payment, capital market, insurance, and capital markets sectors may differentiate themselves from the competition while also preparing for the challenges of the future. Using Amazon Lex, financial institutions may adapt their customer service delivery strategies to keep pace with changing customer behavior and expectations. Amazon Lex for Financial Services provides pre-built solutions for your use case, enabling great client experience without compromising operational efficiency. You can use pre-built chatbots to automate customer support interactions including credit card payments, mortgage loan applications, portfolio status, and account updates. Bots that are pre-configured with intents, sample utterances, slot types for financial industry use cases are integrated with Amazon Connect contact flows so that you can allow more experiences, more quickly.

Account services, credit card services, Mortgage and lending, trading and investment, lending services are few examples.

Insurance: When it comes to enhancing client interactions and risk profiles, insurance companies may use AWS’s flexible infrastructure to do just that. When insurers use Amazon Lex to upgrade their basic infrastructure and offer customised insurance products, they can swiftly develop new digital customer experiences for their customers.

Using Amazon Lex for Insurance’s pre-built solutions, your business can create experiences at scale and boost digital engagement. Using the pre-programmed chatbots, you may automate customer interactions like as claims processing, policy management, premium payment, and insurance quotations. Bots designed for specific purposes include conversation flows, training data, and dialogue prompts that can be used in both voice and chat. Your teams may work on more difficult problems and develop stronger relationships if you can deliver client solutions faster while still making the most of your available resources. 

Policy management, claims processing, home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance are few examples

Retail: Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives retailers the tools they need to create memorable customer experiences, increase revenue, and do all of this on a fast, flexible, and scalable cloud infrastructure. Amazon Lex lets merchants experiment with new ideas, optimise processes, and enhance conversions by delivering a dynamic conversational experience.

In order to provide a consistent brand experience across several touchpoints and transform customer interaction, Amazon Lex for Retail provides pre-built solutions. For example, the pre-built chatbots can be used to deliver automated interactions such as checking the order status, redeeming loyalty points, and identifying the retail location. Retail use cases are represented by the prebuilt bots, which include ready-to-use bot setup and sample business logic connections. In order to provide a rich customer experience throughout the whole customer lifecycle, these technologies can be used in a contact centre (for example, Amazon Connect), on social media platforms (for example, Facebook Messenger), or in a mobile application.

Account services, order management, shipping and delivery, Loyalty programs, retail store cards are few examples.

Telecom: AWS offers the most modern and secure cloud infrastructure, the most rapid innovation, and the most extensive telecom alliances. Amazon Lex can help telecom companies streamline service delivery methods and make new communication and media technology available to customers. Amazon Lex for Telecom provides pre-built solutions to enhance customer experiences and reduce operational expenses. This includes activating services, paying bills, discussing offers, and managing installations. The pre-built bots provide end-to-end conversation flows for telecom use cases, including gathering additional information, verifying user inputs, and performing business logic. Account management, mobile, internet, T.V, Business solutions are few examples.

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