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VMWare to AWS migration

In order to migrate from VMware to AWS, configure the AWS Connector and use the AWS Server migration Service to complete the migration process. For lift-and-shift migrations to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) is the primary migration service suggested.


The AWS Application Migration Service makes the process of migrating to the cloud simpler and faster. It enables you to quickly realize the benefits of transferring applications to the cloud while making no changes and experiencing the least amount of downtime possible.

It is possible to transfer programs from physical infrastructure to AWS using the AWS Application Migration Service. This service supports VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AmazonEC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), and other clouds.

1. To begin, log into your AWS Console and select “Server Migration” from the Migration section of the menu bar.


2. The Get started button can be located on the AWS Server Migration Service website.

3. The OVA may be obtained by clicking on the Download OVA button and then importing it into your vSphere environment.


4. Go to the OVA’s IP address in a browser window after the Server Migration Service Connector has been installed. Once you’ve done that, click on the Get started now button.

5. After reading and agreeing to the licensing agreement, enter a password and press ‘next’.

6. To configure network settings, such as a static IP, you’ll now be presented with instructions on how to log into the command line interface. Click ‘Next’. 

7. Check whether you want logs to be uploaded automatically, as well as whether you want the AWS Connector to keep itself up to date on its own.

8. After that, choose the region you want your VMs to be moved to and provide the AWS access and secret key that you created during the account creation process above.

9. Upon completion of the configuration of the AWS Server Migration Service appliance, you will be sent to a status page that should look something like the one shown below.

10 .Return to the AWS Console and select “Server Migration” from the Migration section under the Migration tab.

11. On the left-hand menu, select Connectors, and then select Import server catalogue from the drop-down menu. This may take a few minutes, as it builds a list of all of the virtual machines (VMs) in your vCenter.

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12. Following the completion of the import, you will be sent to the Servers tab. Select the server(s) you’d like to replicate to AWS and then click on Create replication tasks to begin the replication process.

13. After that, you’ll choose your license type: automatic, AWS, or BYOL.

14. After that, you can select your desired replication settings, such as how frequently to replicate the server(s), when to start replication, and the IAM service role that you want to use.

15. After you have reviewed the settings, click on ‘create’.

16. In the end, once the replication job is complete, you’ll be able to quickly and easily spin up the VM on AWS by simply heading to the Replication Jobs tab on the left, selecting your preferred server, and then selecting “Launch instance from latest AMI” from the Actions drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you may run the VM on AWS by going to the EC2 dashboard, selecting the relevant AMI, and clicking on the Launch button.

And with that, you’ve successfully transferred your virtual machine(s) from VMware to AWS!

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