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AWS Certification Exam Tips

While Amazon does make acquiring certification for knowledge on their cloud services readily accessible, the process is still a large hurdle to overcome. The exams are incredibly tough and do have a B and above requirement in order to pass. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources both official and unofficial to help potential new experts to prepare. Everyone is better off knowing what resources they have to prepare for such a tremendous hurdle.

AWS Certification

Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) is by no stretch of the imagination an easy platform to adapt to.  Typically, users will get help from outside of their organization before starting any sort of application development on AWS to guide them through construction and using the services on offer to build out application functionality.  Typically, such technicians will have earned certification from Amazon as a technician with varying levels of experience to pursue.  Should an organization want people in-house that have an understanding of AWS, they can also have teams of employees prepare for and take the exam too.  Additionally, in order to retain certification, there are subsequent tests handed out every few years or so for certificate holders to take.  For a much more comprehensive list of reasons why we would recommend pursuing AWS certification, we have a solid article here

Official Study Materials

Amazon doesn’t want their exams to be impossible to pass or the community of AWS specialists to be a gated inner circle in the cloud industry.  As both a means of better one’s own professional potential and allowing organizations to have access to how to work with Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, they have study guides, webinars, sample tests, and more on their own website.  Everything is free for all users to have access to, but more extensive material is offered with a subscription fee, including more complete mock-up tests and longer courses complete with videos and review material.  We cover the resources on offer and what sort of exams there are for users to take much more extensively here including what sort of conditions test takers will be in.

Tutorials Dojo

Tutorials Dojo is a fantastic resource when it comes to preparing for any AWS exam. They have a multitude of courses available in their catalog and within each of those courses there practice tests, videos, readings, etc. What’s nice about the practice tests is that each incorrect response is covered in greater detail; you don’t just get told you’re wrong, but you get a comprehensive explanation as to why another answer is correct. This is a valuable learning tool.  Tutorials Dojo’s courses are inexpensive. They generally cost $15, but go on sale often for as little as $11. As far as straightforward study tools go, this one is hard to beat.


Udemy is another powerful tool to place in your AWS toolbox. When it comes to studying for an exam such as the Certified Cloud Practitioner, and many more. Udemy’s courses are considered to be just as comprehensive as Tutorials Dojo. You can’t really go wrong with either.  Courses and practice exams are available for all three levels of AWS Certification on Udemy. Quality AWS courses are available to assist you to study for any of the AWS certification examinations, whether you’re aiming for a beginner-level “foundational” certificate, the intermediate “associate,” or the expert “professional” grade.

Need Pointers?

At AllCode, we’ve been trying to establish ourselves as Official AWS Partners, requiring that we have some members of our team AWS Certified.  With some of our own experience, we could pass on any insights into studying and the test-taking process to you.  If you are so inclined to pursue AWS Certification, drop us a line.

Dolan Cleary
Dolan Cleary

I am a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin - Stout and am now working with AllCode as a web technician.

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