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Having access to third-party software is helpful for offloading time that would have otherwise been dedicated towards building something from the ground up that’s already been built before. While it’s definitely someone else’s work, meaning that anything new will have to be built to accommodate its design, it leaves resources and time to be dedicated towards other endeavors. This is why AWS has its own Marketplace for the distribution of third-party software for its users to have access to.

What is the AWS Marketplace?


The AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for organizations to discover, procure, entitle, provision, and govern third-party software. There are thousands of software listings from popular categories like security, business applications, and data & analytics, and across specific industries, such as healthcare, financial services, and the public sector. Users can also explore and buy professional services to configure, deploy, and manage acquired third-party software. This is a much better method of procuring software safely and securely while further tapping into innovation.

Main Features


Streamline Procurement

    • Decrease Transactional Friction with security and privacy features.  There is some software not publicly available that can be flexibly negotiated.
    • Standardized Licensing features ensure customers can buy from select users with certain features on their terms and obligations defined for both parties of the purchase.
    • Vendor Insights helps assess risk factors from buying from certain vendors by compiling all security and compliance info on a single dashboard for customers to use.

Governance and Entitlement

    • AWS License Manager lets users distribute, activate, and track software license entitlements in the Marketplace.
    • Private Marketplace gives users a collection of offerings that meet their company’s procurement, security, and legal standards, mitigating the risk of unapproved purchases.
    • Cost Allocation Tagging gives greater management visibility for software costs without further impacting the invoice bill.  All costs are tracked in one place.

Cost Management

    • Vendor Metered Tagging outlines underlying cost drivers with tags that are recorded for budget reports.

Custom Budgets are also available to be made from a handful of complex use cases and emails can be set up to alert users regarding forecasted costs and when they have exceeded established budgetary limitations.

Industry Potential


With the tools provided by the marketplace, there are plenty of points of leverage to derive solutions and innovation.

Security and Infrastructure

Using AWS, security can see a significant leg up from improved fraud detection to risk prediction.  There are a number of complex security solutions on the market that can help with transitioning to and remaining safely within the cloud.  Even after users have transitioned to the cloud, there are plenty of competing tools that can manage identity and access, detect intrusions, and enable faster response times.  Because all applications that are available have already been verified as compatible with AWS, integration is a seamless process with no need to worry about unseen complications.

Healthcare Industry

Various healthcare leaders are looking to accelerate innovation and transition to a digital medium through cloud tools provided by the Marketplace.  The catalog of tools on offer has been curated for the industry to help modernize care, improve patient recovery rates, streamline regulation, and reach greater potential.  Whether you are a provider, payor, or healthtech organization, AWS Marketplace can help you easily discover, procure, deploy, and manage cloud technology and data management solutions.

Media and Entertainment

AWS puts a variety of tools to help accelerate content creation, streamline asset management, and modernize media workflows in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.  On top of reliably distributing content, there are tools on offer that help make data-driven decisions for content and viewing recommendations for interested audiences.  With the distribution of this much content, media asset and digital rights protection ensures no one but the producers get to touch that content between storage and distribution in order to better protect users’ profits.  The workflow can be further enhanced with tools for scene recognition, facial recognition, and text-to-speech software.

Public Sector

Public sector organizations face a unique set of challenges and threats with too few resources to cover all bases.  Cloud computing projects can better augment organizations’ abilities to serve citizens effectively, achieve better educational standards, and deliver their messages with greater consistency.  There’s no shortage of areas that could see a significant improvement, such as managing waste and recycling, dispatching maintenance and emergency crews, better traffic management, and IoT and city assets that could really lend themselves to providing data that would make all of these problems solvable.

Want to Become a Solution Distributor?


Independent Solution Vendors (ISVs), Data Providers, and Consulting Partners can build, market, and sell data, services, and programs on the marketplace.  The Marketplace can manage the minute details of metering, billing, collections, and payment distribution while users deal with building up their products.  The AWS Marketplace Seller GTM Academy walks users through how to market their services and teaches how to engage customers with offers.  Custom prices, payment schedules, and licensing agreements to ensure that transaction times are as short as possible and reduce friction in the procurement process.

Dolan Cleary
Dolan Cleary

I am a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin - Stout and am now working with AllCode as a web technician. Currently working within the marketing department.

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