AWS review & remediation

AWS Well Architected Framework Remediation

Ideally, optimization of an AWS environment should be a one-and-done task, but there are plenty of risk factors to consider and sufficient room to forget. High risk issues (HRIs) are architectural and operational decisions that could very easily negatively impact how a business works. Even with in-house help with the automated assistant tools, it is best practice to have manual third-party help to best optimize for individual needs and requirements the business may have.

Well-Architected Framework Consulting

With our most recent promotion to an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, this opens up opportunities with what services we can provide.  Clients using AWS should regularly have their architecture reviewed, especially in the case of an environment that sees regular updates and changes to its operations.  Maintaining the five pillars imposed by the Well-Architected Framework is beneficial for both business goals and the continuous health of the AWS environment.

Our job is to inspect all of the present HRIs and to remediate them.  We do recommend working with the AWS account team, the Partner Network team, or the Well-Architected Team to get the most out of the remediation process.  Customers will need their help to compose a proper Statement of Work to agree with any changes made afterwards.

Opportunities for Remediation and Updates

A Remediation Opportunity will be provided most of the way through an evaluation session and should be logged after agreeing to move forward with remediation using the Partner’s consulting services. During the evaluation process, a number of HRIs will be highlighted and listed to the customer for clarification of what needs to be changed.  The Opportunity value should be the total of any new services to be deployed in the revised architecture.

When filing a Remediation Opportunity, customers will need to provide the following information:

  1. Partner Project Title: WA Remediation –
  2. Project Description, including:
    • New services
    • Previous issues resolved:
  3. APN Programs: Well-Architected
  4. Estimated AWS Monthly Recurring Revenue: monetary cost estimate of new service(s)

Additional Comments:

ARN (Amazon Resource Names) of Workload

  • If this opportunity is for multiple workloads, please list each ARN separated by a comma. To locate an ARN, navigate to the WellArchitected Tool in the AWS Console and select the workload you are reporting, then click on Properties. This will display the ARN for that specific workload.
  • All ARNs must be in this format: arn:aws:wellarchitected:us-east1:123456789:workload/a012b34567891011c1213d14151617eg

After filing all of this information, we will schedule a couple-hour-long meeting to agree on the terms established by the SOW, take a couple of days to review the information provided to us by the customer and hold a second meeting to share our findings with the customer so they understand what is being changed in their environment.  Remediation Opportunities will be marked as “launched” when a minimum of 45% of HRIs have been recorded as resolved via a milestone in the AWS Well-Architected tool for archiving and future review purposes. Only successful Remediation Opportunities are recorded on the partner scorecard as “launched opportunities” for tier attainment and compliance.

Security, Stability, and Cost-Efficiency

By abiding AWS best practices, customers can not only operate with reduced costs, but also provide more secure and stable services for their end users.  If clients develop their environments in ways that meet best practice standards and avoid common mistakes, this can help significantly future-proof their environment.  Check out some of our older articles on how to best optimize and what to avoid when developing a compliant environment that meets best practice standards.

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