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Centro Community Partners

Centro Community Partners (Centro) is a nonprofit organization that provides programs and resources to help underserved entrepreneurs start, develop and grow their small businesses. Centro also offers technology and curriculum to other organizations and trainers through their Entrepreneurship Suite.

Programs and Resources for Entrepreneurs

  • Programs: Centro offers different programs depending on the business stage of the entrepreneur, starting with the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, Basic Entrepreneurship Program and Advanced Entrepreneurship Program. They are offered both in English and Spanish. In addition to participating in weekly workshops, entrepreneurs are mentored by business students who are enrolled in Centro’s Small Business Advisor Program.
  • Centro Capital Hub: The Centro Capital Hub helps entrepreneurs access capital through Kiva loans, small business loans and grants. Centro serves as the Kiva Hub for San Francisco and Oakland (and Alameda County) to help entrepreneurs access interest-free loans of up to $15,000, and works closely with local lenders to help entrepreneurs access larger small business loans of up to $250,000.
  • Centro Business Planning App: Centro’s free mobile app helps you write a business plan, designed specifically for individuals who lack a formal business education or experience. Available for iOS and Apple devices in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Khmer.

It is possible to deliver quality entrepreneurship training to aspiring and current small company owners in your own community through the use of proven and customizable  entrepreneurship training programs. All of the training programs are highly engaging and focus on helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas with the support of their trainer and fellow participants. You will have everything you need to enhance your present entrepreneurship training program or launch a new one with confidence.

Facilitators Can Benefit from the Use of Teaching Tools


Centro has developed an all-in-one solution for organizations and business coaches, where they can get the tools and training they need to support small business entrepreneurs. They can get access to our collection of online training resources and workbooks for facilitators and advisors, as well as to our App Portal that connects you to your client’s Business Planning App accounts, to help you provide personalized support to your entrepreneurs.

Receive ongoing one-on-one technical support to assist you answer any questions about our online resources and platforms.

Centro Community Partners provides the best educational resources for entrepreneurs

With AllCode’s support, Centro recently released a new edition of the Centro Business Planning App, which includes a new To-Do List, allowing you to track your progress and better comprehend the steps ahead!

Each section of the Business Plan has its own To-Do List, which can be seen by swiping left and right. Entrepreneurs should go through all of the cards, marking the ones that have already been completed.

Every time entrepreneurs complete a new task, they can go to the To-Do List and check that box. Once this is done, they will notice how the yellow “To-Do” tag transforms into a green “Completed” tag. In the upper right corner, we’ve also included a toggle button that allows you to quickly switch between the “To Do” tasks view, where finished activities are removed, and the “All” tasks view, where you can see the whole list of completed chores.

It also includes an information icon, which will take you to a page where you may obtain further information and clarification on specific tasks.

A pop-up window will show from time to time, asking whether you would like to update your To-Do List and keep it up-to-date in order to ensure that you remain on schedule. In order to keep track of your progress, you can conveniently access the To-Do List from the menu at any time.

The Centro App provides training to low-income and minority entrepreneurs in order to assist them in the start-up, development, and growth of their businesses. It also connects entrepreneurs to resources and micro-lenders based on the location, business stage, how much they need, and the industry experience.

AllCode’s Role in Centro 

“When our previous mobile application developer left, AllCode’s team came into a tricky situation where the rewrite of our mobile application was not complete. AllCode was able to determine the most expedient path to deploy a new version of the mobile application into the App Store and Google Play. Since our initial deployment to the stores, AllCode has continued to improve our solution by integrating analytics into our backend so we’re now able to see who is using our mobile apps. Our iOS App now has a 5 stars in the App Store. We are very happy with AllCode’s services.” - Naldo Peliks, COO at Centro Community Partners

Centro’s goal is to empower entrepreneurs by giving them the tools and opportunities necessary to succeed. Centro creates innovative ways to expand systems to access economic opportunities and enable communities’ participation in small business ownership.

You can learn more about the Centro App here and download it for free to get access to this easy to follow business plan tool, and to find resources and lenders in your area.

If you are an organization or an entrepreneurship coach looking to start your own suite of entrepreneurship training program or revamp your existing one to better serve your entrepreneurs, and make it more cost-efficient for you, you can get more information about the Centro Entrepreneurship Suite here.

Centro also offers a local connection between entrepreneurs and sources of capital with their Centro Capital Hub. You can learn more about their resources to access to capital here.


Jacob Murphy
Jacob Murphy

Jake is a writer and marketing associate for AllCode with a wealth of experience in a variety of industries.

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