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Creating A New AWS EC2 Key For A 3rd Party Developer

When you create a new EC2 instance you automatically download a ppk (or pem) key for that instance. This only happens once and generating a new one can be complicated so please take care to put it somewhere secure. As such you might want to give your developer team another key which you can delete if the need arises without risking access to your services.


This guide will take you through the steps to create a new Key and then add it to your EC2 instance. There are 3 main steps. 


  1. Create a new Key Pair in AWS
  2. Generate the Public Key from the Key Pair 
  3. Adding the Public key to your EC2 authorized_keys file 


If in doubt on step 3 ask someone who is more experienced or technically advanced to perform it. Steps 1 and 2 can be done without any risks. 

Step 1: Create a new Key Pair

1. Go to AWS Management Console

2. Click on EC2

  • While Keys are a security function you’ll find them under EC2 and not IAM options, this is due to their usage on instances rather than users. 

 3. Click on Key Pairs

  • This is on the left hand menu, you might need to scroll down to see the option.

4. Give the Key a descriptive name “name-of-the-key”

  • If you’re working with Allcode on building a cloud service perhaps allcode-dev-key for example. 

 5. Click on Create key pair 

    • The key will be automatically downloaded to your computer. 
  • Keep this key safe, this is the only time it can be downloaded


Step 2: Generate the Public Key from the Private Key

Jacob Murphy
Jacob Murphy

Jake is a writer and marketing associate for AllCode with a wealth of experience in a variety of industries.

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