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Creating An IAM User For Third Party Developers

In this step-by-step guide, we'll go over the process of creating an IAM user for third party developers.

2. Click on Users

3. Click Add Users

4. Type the users name “example-developer”


5. Check on Access Key - Programmatic access

6. Check on password - AWS Management Console

7. Click on ‘Next: Permissions’

8. Uncheck the following: ‘3rd-Party-Dev’

9. Click on ‘Next: Tags’

10. Type “example-developer” and “allcode-team”

11. Click on ‘Create user’

12. Click on ‘Download CSV’ 

13. Click on Skip to Main Content

14. Open the new_user_credentials.csv

Jacob Murphy
Jacob Murphy

Jake is a writer and marketing associate for AllCode with a wealth of experience in a variety of industries.

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