Offshore Software Development: Everything You Should Know

Joel Garcia Joel Garcia has been building AllCode since 2015. He’s an innovative, hands-on executive with a proven record of designing, developing, and operating Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), mobile, and desktop solutions. Joel has expertise in HealthTech, VoIP, and cloud-based solutions. Joel has experience scaling multiple start-ups for successful exits to IMS Health and Golden Gate Capital, […]

Offshore Software Development:
Everything You Should Know

Access world-class talent with Offshore Software Development. Get quality, flexibility, and affordability for your projects. Explore the global tech opportunities with ease.


Do you want to outsource software development to an offshore company? Follow these steps to begin your journey.

Offshore development: what is it?

Businesses today can access a diverse pool of talent from different locations, even across borders. They can find high-quality work and specialized skills from anywhere in the world. This is the concept behind offshore software development.

Offshore software development happens when a business delegates work to a partner in a different time zone than its own. For instance, a company in Western Europe might collaborate with a software development team in South America or a firm in the United States might join forces with a software development company in Ukraine.

Offshore software development is sometimes combined with the nearshore software development model. In this scenario, a business works with a software development team in a neighboring country to finish a software project. For example, a business in Western Europe could partner with a development company in Ukraine, while a business in the U.S. could outsource to a software development company in South America.

In both cases, this means working with a software developer or a whole team in a foreign country. It involves hiring a remote and off-site team to cooperate on a software development project. This can be applied to various tasks that include basic coding, product design, custom software, web, and mobile applications development, as well as software support and maintenance.

For most companies, hiring offshore development services is an excellent option for projects that need specific expertise and high-quality outcomes that are scarce locally.


What Tasks Does an Offshore Developer Perform?

Offshore developers have a mix of technical and soft skills as well as extensive experience to manage various aspects such as the creation, execution, maintenance, and testing of your specific tech projects.

Offshore developers usually work from a distant location and are often part of a big offshore development team. Together, they offer a new outlook and a creative set of skills that suggest novel ideas and methods for your projects.

This is largely because most of them come from different countries, so the offshore development model tends to create a diverse team that fosters innovation and tackles problems inventively to produce high-quality products.

When Should You Hire Offshore Developers?

  • Shortage of Tech Talent: Finding local engineers who can work in an in-house team is hard because top talented developers are rare worldwide. Businesses may struggle to hire a full-time developer with the necessary talent in nearby locations, so they opt for offshore software development companies instead.
    Specific Roles: Some projects need either highly specialized technical roles or temporary positions that don’t appeal to top talented developers. They may require a project manager or a quality assurance engineer. Or they may seek roles on a custom software development team.
  • Challenging Projects: Handling a challenging project demands a lot of knowledge and technical expertise. Without those, it’s easy to encounter obstacles and waste time. Offshore software development companies can handle specialized tech stacks and complex development processes.
  • Urgent Deadlines: Delivering the right results at the right time can make or break a project. With offshore developers, you can quickly execute your idea and scale your resources when needed. You can also keep project management control, using your own project manager to lead the software developers or entrust your project to software development companies, which will finish your product from start to end — saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Support & Consulting: Even if you don’t require IT outsourcing for a specific software project, you can still benefit from the expertise these software development companies have. Software outsourcing companies offer consulting and support services for existing or ongoing projects that have gone astray. One of the advantages of offshore software development services is that they have worked with businesses in different countries and know the regulations that apply to IT services and activities.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Working with an offshore development company completely removes the costs of hiring in-house staff while offering the same or better benefits. Overall, development costs are much lower, but the development processes are still high-quality.


How Do Onshore, Nearshore, and Offshore Software Development Differ?

The location of the client and its software development services partner determines how these three service models differ. They have different advantages in the IT sector.

Onshore outsourcing happens when a client chooses to hire software developers in their own country or region. There is no time zone difference, unless the development company is based in a different region or coast. However, development costs are usually higher than with nearshore or offshore software development because the cost of living is the same or similar for both partners.

Nearshore IT outsourcing occurs between countries with close time zones, like the USA and Latin America. Because the time zone difference is small, businesses can work on their activities with the software development company in real time.

Offshore software development connects clients and providers in faraway countries or continents. The IT outsourcing market in this case is usually the most economical, given that the cost of living is usually lower in these areas, but it’s more challenging to track the activities of these software development teams because of time zone mismatch. Still, offshore software development services do offer a number of benefits.

How Does Offshore Software Development Help Your Business?

Offshore software development offers many advantages. With a reliable outsourcing software development company as your partner, the sky is the limit.

These are some of the perks of offshore software development teams.

Top Tech Talent Access
In the IT sector, talent is the most sought-after (and rare) resource. The best software development companies will recruit the best developers and use their talent for your projects’ advantage. The IT outsourcing market has some of the finest employees in the industry.

Workloads Optimization
An outsourcing company eases your burden while ensuring quality assurance. With development handled, you can concentrate your company’s time and resources on your core business.

Industry Expertise
The best offshore software development companies have years of industry experience and have built expert offshore development teams on every technology, with a strong tech stack. This is the level of knowledge that transforms the whole direction of a project, whether you’re making web apps or mobile applications.

Risks Reduction
Having the best offshore software developers on your team lowers inherent project risks. Your offshore software development company will follow the best practices to enhance flexibility and reduce downtime.

Launch Times Acceleration
The best offshore development companies will design custom software development solutions for your business and put together the best teams to accomplish project goals on time, enhancing the abilities of your in-house talent.

Products Quality
With all the previous benefits together, it’s easy to see how outsourcing software development to the right offshore company results in high-quality software products. From web development to product design, these software companies will create the right product for your needs — at a low price. Still, always verify references and past projects!

Offshore Software Outsourcing Company: How to Pick the Right One

Consider these essential points when selecting a top software company.

Smooth Communication and Workflow: Smooth communication and workflow str the most vital steps to offshoring. Your software outsourcing partner should be proficient in English or the language of your preference. Also, their work process should align with your workflow throughout the development cycle.

Up-to-date Security Protocols: Cybersecurity is crucial in a more and more tech-driven world. Make sure the IT company of your choice has current security protocols for protecting all data and software products. This is true regardless of the software development model you choose.

Elite Talent Software Engineers: Offshore software development outsourcing should grant you access to top-notch tech talent. Always choose the IT company that can offer you elite software developers for projects, from product development to web development to regular IT services.

Proven Experience: Always verify references, past clients, and finished projects of your potential offshore software development partner. This information will give you some understanding of the IT company’s performance, workflow style, and software product quality.

Comprehensive Range of Services: What you need today might change tomorrow. The best outsourcing companies are the ones that excel in a broad range of fields and have the right team size to handle your project from a complete and experienced perspective. If you need project management, product development, or anything else, these offshore software development companies should meet your needs.

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AllCode Offshore Software Development Services 

At AllCode, we can provide the best offshore development services that only employ the top 5% of Tech Talent. This way, you can free up your internal resources, avoid extra hiring processes, and focus mainly on boosting the in-house team to achieve the goals that drive your business forward.

Tech Talent Pool: Outsourcing offshore development services can be very beneficial as it gives access to a huge software engineering talent pool that would be otherwise unavailable. Your business can thus leverage a wide range of specialists that exceed your in-house team.

High-Quality Solutions: Our offshore development model and expertise allow us to ensure the delivery of high-quality tailor-made software solutions to meet your business needs. This helps streamline workloads, save time on software development, and speed up a product’s time-to-market.

Specialized Services: Offshore software services are split into 3 main categories: Delivery Teams, Staff Augmentation, and Project-Based Outsourcing. By partnering with an offshore software development company, the entire deployment process for each is handled. You will quickly get a team of software engineers skilled in the technologies that suit your needs and ready to work on your projects — mobile and web apps, UX design, or anything else.

Overcome Challenges: Working with the most talented software engineers from an offshore company helps you overcome development problems more effectively. Offshoring software companies help you solve challenges by either adding talent to your in-house staff or finding the right match for hard-to-fill or temporary positions.

Joel Garcia

Joel Garcia

Joel Garcia has been building AllCode since 2015. He’s an innovative, hands-on executive with a proven record of designing, developing, and operating Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), mobile, and desktop solutions. Joel has expertise in HealthTech, VoIP, and cloud-based solutions. Joel has experience scaling multiple start-ups for successful exits to IMS Health and Golden Gate Capital, as well as working at mature, industry-leading software companies. He’s held executive engineering positions in San Francisco at TidalWave, LittleCast, Self Health Network, LiveVox acquired by Golden Gate Capital, and Med-Vantage acquired by IMS Health.

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