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AllCode wrote software and provided DevOps support for Kyber.me. Kyber started off as an iOS mobile application similar to Things. Kyber then pivoted into the Slack task management space. Kyber is listed on the Slack App Directory here.

Kyber is the only all-in-one app to perfectly coordinate your teamwork and automate your workflows without leaving Slack. Within Kyber’s chatbot, you can:

• Manage entire projects inside Slack #channels
• Assign, schedule and complete tasks
• Use #channels as Kanban board to tack project progress
• Schedule and preview messages for later
• Automatically send recurring messages
• Run daily standup meetings to keep the team up-to-date
• Make decision faster with polls
• Easily decide the best time for a meeting

For Kyber, we wrote the iOS Objective-C code in XCode. We developed the backend in Ruby using RubyMine. The backend made use of Postgres, Redis, and Sidekiq. We wrote the Front End UI in Angular. The Slack app was designed to integrate with Slack Enterprise Grid. The Slack app supports three different licensing models within Slack: Free, Team, and Enterprise Grid.

iOS App

Mobile Application Development

In addition to web design and technical project management, AllCode’s team of development experts worked closely with LPS to deliver the best possible mobile app (available on iOS and Android) tailored to fit their needs. Our developers worked day and night to provide LPS with an app with a simple user interface, sleek design, and unmatched support.

Google Play Store for Android App
App Store for iOS

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