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AllCode is a TrueAccord partner. AllCode provides engineering leadership, software development, project management, DevOps, and QA resources.

AllCode is responsible for delivering a data integration platform that enables TrueAccord to communicate with its clients. The data is primarily related to debt, e.g.Placements, Close and Returns, and Payments. The solution integrates with the following debt management platforms: DebtNext, Latitude, and Neu Analytics.

AllCode architected the system in a PCI-compliant manner to leverage the following AWS technologies: DocumentDB, ECR, EC2, EKS, Lambda, RDS, and S3. The software is written in Java. The UI is written in React. Pods and jobs are launched via Kubernetes. AllCode is responsible for the OnCall portion, which leverages Kibana, DataDog, and VictorOps.

Mobile Application Development

In addition to web design and technical project management, AllCode’s team of development experts worked closely with LPS to deliver the best possible mobile app (available on iOS and Android) tailored to fit their needs. Our developers worked day and night to provide LPS with an app with a simple user interface, sleek design, and unmatched support.

Google Play Store for Android App
App Store for iOS

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