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AllCode delivered on Twilio’s Open Source Authy Helper Libraries for Go, PHP, Python, Java, and .NET.

Language Repos
.Net https://github.com/authy/authy.net
Go https://github.com/dcu/go-authy
PHP https://github.com/authy/authy-python
Python https://github.com/authy/authy-php
Java https://github.com/authy/authy-java

For each GitHub Repository, AllCode performed the following software development tasks:

  1. Merged the existing Pull Requests into the Master branch
  2. Added support for OneTouch Endpoints into the Master branch
  3. Created unit tests for OneTouch Endpoints in the Master Branch
  4. Created unit tests for all API Endpoints that currently do not have coverage in the Master branch

The AllCode software developers who performed these tasks all received security training on Security Design Patterns and were aware of the OWASP Top 10. These software developers also had experience in developing, deploying, and operating HIPAA-compliant environments.

AllCode has also implemented a number of VoIP and SMS solutions on Twilio for SameSky Health, Remitter, Let’s Play Soccer, and CloudContactAI.


Mobile Application Development

In addition to web design and technical project management, AllCode’s team of development experts worked closely with LPS to deliver the best possible mobile app (available on iOS and Android) tailored to fit their needs. Our developers worked day and night to provide LPS with an app with a simple user interface, sleek design, and unmatched support.

Google Play Store for Android App
App Store for iOS

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