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Puck Recruiter Case Study

Puck Recruiter is a community platform designed by hockey fans for hockey fans. AllCode was brought on board to help them build their vision for an application to help players reach out to fellow fans and recruiters to find aspiring talent.

About Puck Recruiter

Puck is a vibrant and passionate community of hockey enthusiasts who share an unyielding love for the rink. They wanted to make finding teams and other hockey players and fans easier for players who want to have fun, players who want to improve themselves in the rink, and coaches who want to build a team. After a bad relationship with another software development firm and some legal fallout, they contacted us to help finish the project.

The Challenge

We had to rescue and audit the app’s existing code first to re-use as much of the pre-existing code as possible. More worrying, the client wasn’t confident about what Puck Recruiter would look like at the end of its development lifecycle. The most Puck Recruiter had at this phase was a signup and an unorganized user database. The challenge that continues to persist throughout this project is constant coordination with Puck regarding certain design aspects and their goals, both in the short term and the long term.

Puck Recruiter Challenges

The Solution

Client Cooperation

While we normally have a handful of sessions at the beginning of a project to thoroughly plan out the application being built, we had to connect with Puck to plan as development continued continuously.

User Interface

One of the topics of frequent discussion was the design of the UI. The client wanted specific requirements for an MVP, and the design had to be intuitive for both coaches and players.

Admin Page

Puck had a website UI for managing the platform and for inviting evaluators. The evaluators will see a similar app version compared to players but with a new tab for seeing evaluation requests. Players will upload gameplay videos for the recruiters to inspect with scores determining individual aspects of their skills and a comments tab at the end to discuss fields they could improve on.



We extensively used AWS to construct both the app and the website. Puck Recruiter primarily uses EC2 to use virtual machines and S3 to upload and store pictures and photos to user profiles.


Stripe streamlines how developers acquire payment from their customers. Puck Recruiter offers several purchase options for evaluations. Customers can pay, Stripe verifies the payment, the money goes through, and the evaluation request is logged.


Whenever a purchase is made, it invokes an API to add a Contact to Puck’s Zoho account.


Puck wanted the app to be available to mobile users regardless of device.  We wrote the app using Dart, which enables us to write the code once and then run it on Apple and Google’s operating systems. 

Puck Recruiter Profile QA

The Results

Puck Delivers its Services

The app lets players upload videos of their hockey exploits onto their profiles. When they make a payment, the application generates a ticket for one of the evaluators Puck invites onto their website. The evaluator reviews the video and gives the customer a detailed report on their hockey skills.

Official Products

Puck Recruiter can now be installed on the App Store and Google Play Store. Making an account is free, but younger players may encounter some limitations.  After uploading videos to their account, users can buy an assessment of their gameplay from an evaluator.

Continued Growth

We are still adding more features to Puck’s application.  As we add more features, we continue to run maintenance and quality assurance so Puck Recruiter still provides hockey players with the community they want.

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