Ship of Fools. Technology Poetry

Ship of Fools — not in it for the money

Seems like all your life you’ve been floating

On the revenue stream.

Started off mowing lawns, stocking shelves

And you still can’t control cash flow,

Fifty years down river.

At least you know off-boarding

This ride only happens on the Stygian shore.

The treasures hauled from deep or gleaned adrift

Never equaled the craftmates

Pulling oars and scanning horizons.

Here’s to you,

    Tony, Tad, and Todd

    Johnny Sixkiller

    Dojie and DellaMaggiore

    Carmen, Eliseo, and Jesus

    Sabine, Nikhil, and Hans

I’d do it again.

Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson

English language acquisition expert; bicultural, bilingual bridge-builder for USA/Mexico concerns.