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Along with our usual catalog of software services is quality assurance and extensive testing.  It is important that our customers get the most value out of their projects and we want to ensure our work is completely functional before shipping.

Our team of seasoned developers and cloud computing experts are nothing short of thorough and detail-oriented.

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What is Quality Assurance?

By deploying software too soon, your company runs the risk of running an application that has underdeveloped features or security vulnerabilities.  This could not only risk damage done to your company, but risk the security of your customers and harshly impact the bottom line through damage costs and public outlook.  Quality Assurance - or QA for short - is therefore a key component of the software development lifecycle.

Quality Assurance is the process of ensuring that software products and systems meet the desired quality standards. It involves a range of activities, including testing, code review, and quality control. The goal is to identify and prevent defects or bugs in the software development process, ensuring that the final product is reliable, efficient, and user-friendly.  This multi-stage process is composed of planning, designing, coding, testing, and maintenance. Each stage is designed to ensure software meets the specified requirements, standards, and regulations. This helps to minimize the risk of software failure, improve user experience, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

What Does Quality Assurance Resolve?


Preventative Measures

This is fairly broad as software that handles data can experience anything from communications blackouts to data leaks.  Ideally, the software should maintain good performance and not drag on a device’s overall ability to function.


Improved User Experience

A user interface should be easy to use, intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, run smoothly, and encounter as few errors as possible.  Going over an application from the perspective of the user can point out issues with the workflow.

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Cost Efficiency

An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.  With every issue discovered and resolved before a launch or an update, that is less money spent later in an attempt to fix everything.  Issues are easier to fix when an application is not as complex. 

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Better Security

Continuous testing and updating can help find potential vulnerabilities in any security measures.  It is vital that the infrastructure retain any data with sufficient resilience to better reinforce customer satisfaction and trust in the product.

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