Customer Engagement with Gen AI

The Versatility of Gen AI in Customer Engagement

Automating customer interactions provide their own sets of challenges. Historically, it has been a rigid and artificial process. Gen AI can understand customers and apply data towards interaction, changing how customers are brought in and maintained could be more flexible and advanced.

Generative AI and the Customers

Chatbots have been a long-standing staple in customer interactions.  It is simply not feasible to provide the convenience of having someone ready to take calls and set up appointments around the clock - especially on a website.  This has been commonplace for years, but does come up against severe limits in technology.  As such, Generative AI does room to improve this significantly.  This versatile technology is now a cornerstone in creating personalized, interactive, and dynamic customer experiences and could be applied toward making chatbot interactions more natural.


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Personalized Recommendations

Customers enjoy having their experiences tailored to their own preferences.  They can give their preferences manually, but it would be much simpler to interpret their behaviors and make adjustments more subtly.

Product Recommendations

Every customer leaves their own footprint on the sites they visit through basic behavior. Generative AI algorithms are designed to analyze this customer behavior over the course of their history and specifically look for preferences to generate highly personalized product recommendations. This enhances the customer’s shopping experience, increases cross-selling and potentially leads to guaranteed or repeat sales, in turn boosting overall satisfaction.

Content Suggestions

All people have their own sect of interests that are largely unique to themselves with partial overlap with others, making recommending the same things to everyone difficult.  By understanding individual content consumption patterns, generative AI can suggest tailored recommendations for articles, videos, or other media. This approach not only keeps customers engaged and increases retention by continuing to feed them content they will most likely be interested in.

Price Adjustment

Generative AI can analyze various factors, including demand, user behavior, and market conditions, to dynamically adjust pricing strategies. This personalized approach ensures competitive pricing for each customer, optimizing conversions and fostering loyalty.

Content Creation

Using Gen AI to automatically create content is still a developing field and has been the focal point for this technology’s development.  Many current models still experience hallucinations and faults that make their content easily distinguishable from naturally-made content.  With continued development and training, Gen AI might begin to approach something resembling more natural content creation.

Dynamic Email Campaigns

Gen AI can be employed to dynamically generate personalized email content based on user preferences, behavior, and demographic data.  By looking at existing templates and other successful campaigns, a model can take the components of the campaigns that were successful and construct campaigns that fit the new content depending on the prompt.  Customers will more consistently receive unique and relevant messages, resulting in more successful email marketing campaigns.

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Social Media Content

A large portion of the population with access to the internet uses social media through one platform or another.  Businesses have already been enhancing and promoting their brand through social media and have been establishing communities and brand loyalty.  This can be taken a step further by applying Gen AI to create compelling and personalized content for social media platforms.  This accomplishes the same effect faster, whether it’s generating captions and hashtags or creating visually appealing graphics for media posts.

Virtual Assistants

Automated customer interaction will still play a key role with better functionality and new types.  Gen AI has already found decent success in text-produced content within recent years and is sufficiently ready to take on the challenges provided by text interactions.

Voice Assistants

Generative AI powers voice assistants that go beyond simple command execution.  As models undergo continuous training, AI voices are close enough to the voices they are set to imitate and can start being applied towards text-to-speech.  These assistants engage users in natural, context-aware conversations, and utilize natural-language processing to provide a more intuitive and human-like interaction experience.

Virtual Personal Shoppers

In industries like e-commerce, generative AI can act as a virtual personal shopper. By understanding customer preferences and style, the model can assist in product discovery, offering tailored suggestions and creating a personalized shopping journey.

Advanced Content Creation

Though this is more in the realm of theory and hypothetical applications, there are still plenty of ways that Gen AI could be applied towards advancing how content is created for certain audiences.

Interactive Storytelling

This is far from becoming a reality and is at a point where audiences have not received recent uses well, but Gen AI could be used to craft interactive and personalized storytelling experiences. Whether in marketing campaigns or customer onboarding, dynamic narratives tailored to individual preferences create a unique and immersive engagement.


Integrating generative AI into gamified experiences enhances customer engagement.  By adapting game dynamics based on user behavior and preferences, businesses can create compelling and personalized gamification strategies to keep customers entertained and invested. 

Visual Search and Augmented Reality

Visual search and augmented reality experiences continue to be a space of innovation for how customers interact with products and shopping. From trying on virtual outfits to visualizing furniture in their homes, these applications deepen customer engagement and satisfaction.

Continued use of Gen AI

The versatility of this technology can potentially enhance customer engagement strategies well beyond traditional chatbots.  There exists potential for enriching the entire customer journey from personalized recommendations to content creation.  Ideally, businesses will leverage Gen AI to create tailored, context-aware engagements that resonate with individual customers. As this technology continues to advance, the scope for innovative applications of generative AI in customer engagement could reach scopes yet to be anticipated.

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Dolan Cleary

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