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Top Software as a Service Companies in 2024

Spending for public cloud usage continues to climb with every year. In 2023, nearly $600 billion was spent world-wide with a third of that being taken up by SaaS. By comparison, Infrastructure as a Service only takes up $150 billion and Platform as a Service makes up $139 billion. On average, companies use roughly 315 individual SaaS applications for their operations and are gradually increasing on a yearly basis. SaaS offers a level of cost efficiency that makes it an appealing option for consuming software.

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A SaaS (Software as a Service) company builds, provides, and develops a software product, making it available to its customers online. Their model doesn’t usually involve customers outright buying their software and instead relies on subscription fees over months or years. Ideally, this model helps to alleviate the maintenance, building, updating, upgrading, and security measures needed from the customers’ side and is provided by the software developer. Additionally, customers don’t need to install the software and can run the program through a browser. Many household names are now SaaS companies that many people already use and are familiar with.

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Founded just in 1998, Google is now a tech company with great strides in search engine technologies, AI, mobile operating systems, video hosting, and digital advertising revenue. It owns multiple aspects within all of these software fields and has a market cap of over $1.5 trillion. Of all the companies listed here, Google has the highest revenue year over year.

As one of the oldest tech companies with significant relevance in current industries, Microsoft is most recognized for its Windows operating systems on personal computers and its office productivity software. Microsoft 365 and Azure public cloud are its primary cloud offerings, though the company also offers several other enterprise-grade systems and solutions.


Salesforce offers cloud-based sales, commerce, and marketing tools with related support, IT software, and customer service functionality. Their platform has helped pioneer the SaaS model, which has been so since the turn of the century. Salesforce currently dominates the SaaS market with a cap exceeding $210 billion.

Adobe has historically provided tools for more artistic expression and purpose. Adobe Creative Cloud offers its most popular products, such as Photoshop, Premier Pro, Acrobat, and Express, which are widely available. At a market cap of $208 billion, Adobe is the second-largest SaaS company by a close margin.

Uber is a continued evolution of taxi-hailing. Beyond just taxi drivers, anyone with a car can sign up and provide taxi services, package delivery, or even food delivery within their area. With over 3.5 million drivers worldwide, millions of trips are made daily.

Stripe enables businesses to protect better the digital payments made by their customers through their SaaS offerings. Their customers can send payments, accept payments, and manage their finances through Stripe’s platform.

Beyond video conferencing, Zoom offers AI-powered solutions for video/audio calls, virtual meetings and workspaces, online whiteboards, emails, team chat rooms, and calendars.

Twilio’s APIs offer programmable communication solutions for video and audio calls, text messages, and other forms of telecommunications.

Gusto’s software is designed for small and medium businesses to handle employee-related matters. Gusto covers everything from onboarding, talent management, performance reviews, payroll, health benefits, savings, and retirement accounts. So long as the user has an internet connection, it’s widely accessible.

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Shopify’s e-commerce platform lets new merchants develop their digital storefronts to more quickly reach their customers. Shopify has found success with vendors of all types, including both online retailers and more traditional storefront vendors.

JetBrains is a more common name among software developers as they are better known for Integrated Development Environment tools, such as IntelliJ IDEA.

Unity Software originally started as a video game engine developer and provider, providing the approachable, readily available, and very popular Unity Engine. It is a very common engine that has found itself on the same basis as Unreal Engine or Amazon Lumberyard. More recently, Unity has expanded their horizons into technology rendering 3D, 2D, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Workiva’s SaaS offerings tap into financial management and protect any data their services have to handle, whether it is auditing, risk management, or compliance.

Launched back in 2022, SolarWinds’ SaaS offering is an observability platform meant to streamline IT management. It has observability functions for cloud environments, monitoring, and service management and works in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. SolarWinds is great for minimizing security risks in the cloud.

Box is a collaboration platform for sharing various media types, similar to Google Drive or Dropbox, with several security measures designed to protect stored contents extensively.

This cloud-native and AI-powered security program is fully managed and designed to protect all the technologies and people that drive an organization. CrowdStrike has a single-agent approach to stopping breaches, cyberattacks, and ransomware that are debilitating and expensive for organizations.

For developers who find website development challenging or intimidating, Wix offers a platform that allows drag-and-drop website construction, requiring minimal coding experience and highly functional websites. To protect its projects, this platform also includes multicloud hosting.

Security continues to be in high demand. For protecting networks of any function or scale, APIs, web applications, and even internally owned devices, Cloudflare is known for its capacity to handle DDOS botnet attacks.

Uptime offers a platform for monitoring the health of a website, displaying its performance and efficiency while shedding light on potential errors and bounces that occur and what their causes are. This platform also uses flow monitoring to test how a website will function under duress.

Snowflake is a popular data cloud platform for boosting the efficiency of cloud-based applications. This platform is designed with a separate compute and storage architecture in mind to enable its swift delivery.

Palantir has developed and distributed popular big data solutions, such as Foundry, Apollo, and Gotham, that provide human-driven and machine-assisted data analytics.

Samsara is a multi-function SaaS platform for tracking equipment, vehicles, or any other large quantities of equipment that will be frequently moved. It incorporates GPS fleet tracking, dashboard cameras, safety training, and other tools needed for tracking and maintaining all the hardware within a company’s network.

Veeva offers services like customer reference data and customer service tools that find significant use in several life sciences industries, including pharmaceuticals and biotech.

Visibility for cost factors in a cloud environment can be esoteric and confusing. CloudHealth is a basic cloud cost management platform that collects data on cloud costs, governance, and security and organizes the data to provide streamlining opportunities.

Kubecost’s platform offers robust monitoring and data collection tools for Kubernetes. It started off as open-source software, but the K8 cost tools were eventually converted into a paid SaaS model.

HubSpot is the ideal solution for maximizing customer relations potential. It provides all the functionality needed to retain customer interaction, from social media marketing to content management, SEO, and traffic insight.

SMS marketing has quickly become an integral part of any marketing strategy. Attentive offers a strong two-way communication system to help brands approach customers in the most efficient way possible. Through SMS, brands both in retail and ecommerce have seen increased clickthrough rates, open rates, and a significantly higher return on investment.

ActiveCampaign’s SaaS platform focuses on email campaign marketing for small to medium businesses with automation functionality. Their tools provide personalization, activity tracking, and connecting customers to landing pages for greater engagement.

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