TrueAccord Collection Agency

TrueAccord Case Study

TrueAccord, one of the finest debt-collection companies in operation, partnered with AllCode to overcome scalability and performance challenges. Our team built and operates an integration platform to better onboard clients and help TrueAccord secure more revenue.

About TrueAccord

TrueAccord is a full-service digital-first debt collection agency looking to reach and engage with customers at scale for superior liquidations.  They use machine learning and digital technology to deliver a personalized, self-serve experience that drives consumer engagement and industry-leading results with minimal reliance on having present employees to help customers.

The Challenge

TrueAccord is a debt collection agency that handles first—and third-party debt. When debt is placed with TrueAccord, integration is required between the company that issued the debt and the operating agency that is trying to collect it.

Ancient Infrastructure: Many of these debt collection platforms are antiquated. They invariably require the transfer of a placement, recall, contact update, and payment file from the creditor to the operating agency.

Transfers and Updates: They also require the transfer of a close and return, payments, and contact update file back to the creditor.

To onboard more clients and grow revenue, TrueAccord needs to add support for as many debt collection platforms as possible.

TrueAccord Debt Collection
TrueAccord Growth Solutions

The Solution

TrueAccord runs entirely on AWS and leverages many AWS components, including Elastic Kubernetes, AWS Code Pipeline, Elastic Container Repository, DocumentDB, RDS, VPC, and EC2 instances.

But even with any technological changes, TrueAccord is in the process of becoming both PCI and HIPAA compliant.

The platform that we’ve built and operate for TrueAccord adheres to the following requirements:

  • Build an integration solution that can process inbound and outbound files for multiple clients.
  • Ability to deploy the integration solution to secure clustered environments quickly and easily.
  • Leverage Continuous Integration and Deployment to enable unit tests, code reviews, and automate deployments.

Building a New Platform

AllCode designed and developed a proprietary platform to be deployed through Kubernetes, enabling TrueAccord to onboard clients quickly. The system was written primarily in Java Spring on the backend and ReactJs on the front end. The platform integrates with TrueAccord’s existing APIs, so it does not touch TrueAccord’s data repositories.

Providing Security for Customer Information

AllCode’s integration solution is designed to adhere to PCI and HIPAA standards. The source code is rolled out leveraging a continuous integration and deploy process, which enables us to evaluate the code for security vectors prior to rolling out. The architecture is done in such a fashion that the infrastructure resides within 5 different virtual private clouds, with the data layer being isolated from internet traffic.

Deployment of the Solution

The AllCode platform leverages AWS Cloud Formation templates, enabling us to deploy secure environments quickly and easily for Development, Testing, and Production.  This process involved extensive use of EKS, ECR, RDS, and DocumentDB.

The Continuous Integration and Deployment enables us to run unit tests, review code before deployment, and deploy easily to generate new docker images for deployment.  AWS CodeCommit is especially pivotal for the continued maintenance of any application on AWS.

The Results

Smoother Onboarding

TrueAccord’s Engineering team no longer has to worry about onboarding clients. They can focus on developing new functionality for their product. The process was automated and more intuitive for end users.  At their current rate, TrueAccord can onboard clients 200% faster.

Continued Growth

TrueAccord’s revenue has grown significantly since the completion of their project.  Alleviating the technical limitations which severely limited the number of customers that could be onboarded proved to be a significant bottleneck for TrueAccord’s development.

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