Remove an Application from an Android Device

Uninstalling an Application from an Android Device

This is a brief tutorial on how to remove applications downloaded to an Android device. This action will remove all data from the phone. There are a couple methods depending on if the user wants to delete applications individually or to do them in bulk.

For Individual Applications

Step 1: Find the App to be Removed

On Android device, look for the application you need to remove.  If you can’t find it on the home page, swipe up to bring out the comprehensive list of applications installed on the device.

Android Device Home Screen
Android Device App ist

Step 2: Access Application Information

Tap and hold the app icon to bring up the options bubble.  This will consist of various functions based on the application, but you will want to look for the ‘information’ icon or ‘App info.’

Android Device App Info
Android Access App Screen Info

 Step 3: Delete the App

Going into App info through whichever method, the user will see a number of options including force-quitting the app when it crashes, the storage and data it uses, and permissions.  The option to uninstall is placed right in the middle underneath the app icon with a trash can logo.  The user will receive one last confirmation popup before the application is removed completely.

Uninstall Individual App Info
Uninstall App Confirmation Popup

For Multiple Applications

Step 1: Go to Google Play

By default, Google Play is placed on the home screen by the bar near the bottom to the right.

Google Play on Screen

Step 2: Access User’s Store Profile

At the top right will be the user’s Google profile picture.  From there, they will want to access the first option labeled ‘Manage apps & device.’

Google Play Store Home Screen
Google Play User Profile
Google Play Multiple Applications

 Step 3: Select and Delete the App or Apps

The user can then tap the appropriate radio boxes next to each of the apps of choice and tap the icon in the upper right.  The device will provide one last prompt before the apps are removed.

Select and Uninstall App
Uninstall Selected Android App