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Amazon Amplify

At its core, AWS Amplify is a set of purpose-built tools and capabilities designed to make building full-stack applications on AWS a breeze for frontend web and mobile developers. Construct an app front end visually, connect your app in minutes, and manage content outside of Amazon's interface with Amplify's web and mobile app backends.

Why Amazon Amplify?

With no cloud skills required, you can get your products out the door faster and grow your business more easily. Visually build full-stack applications, including frontend user interfaces and backends, as well as authentication, storage, and data. Few lines of code are required to connect your web and mobile applications to new and existing AWS resources. Static websites, single-page web applications, and server-side rendered applications may all be created, deployed, and hosted in a matter of minutes.

How it Works



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Scale and manage

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Utilize the tools provided by AWS Amplify in conjunction with one another or on their own to design and publish an expandable, feature-rich app in days.

Amplify Studio

AWS Amplify Studio is a visual development environment that enables developers to quickly and easily build and release full web and mobile applications in hours rather than weeks, as opposed to weeks or months. It is possible to quickly develop an app backend, design sophisticated user interface (UI) components, and connect a UI to the backend using Amplify Studio with minimal scripting. Amplify Studio exports all user interface and infrastructure artifacts as code, allowing you to maintain complete control over the design and behavior of your app. Ship faster and scale more seamlessly than ever before—all without the need for cloud or AWS experience.


  • Backend development in a graphical user interface

Use the visual development environment to build a data model, user authentication, and file storage without needing to know anything about backend programming or programming languages.

  • Extend your AWS CDK

The AWS Cloud Development Kit makes it simple to integrate AWS services that aren’t already available within Amplify Studio (CDK).

  • Use in conjunction with Amplify Library Software

Use Amplify Libraries for iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, and Web to connect mobile and web apps to app backends written in Amplify Studio (JavaScript).

  • A library of pre-built UI components

React components such as buttons, forms, and marketing templates may be selected and customized to meet your brand’s look and feel.

  • Configuration from front to back

In just a few clicks, you can link your front-end UI components to data sources in your cloud-connected app back-end.

  • Management of data, files, and users.

Manage users and groups, application content or files outside the AWS Management

  • Supports a number of different settings.

Pre-production settings make it easy to test your modifications.

Amplify Hosting

AWS Amplify Hosting is a fully-managed CI/CD and hosting service for fast, safe, and dependable static and server-side rendered apps that grow with your company. Includes support for cutting-edge web frameworks like React, Angular, Vue and Next.js as well as older ones such as Gatsby, Hugo, and Jekyll.


  • Implementing CI/CD in its entirety

Make front-end and back-end changes simultaneously by connecting your git branches.

  • Previews for upcoming pull requests

Before going live, work on new features without interfering with production. Pull requests can be used to create new environments.

  • Custom domains that are simple to set up

Verify a custom domain with a simple click of the mouse. Branches of a feature immediately receive their own domain. Custom and non-custom domains can both benefit from a free SSL certificate.

  • Monitoring

Monitor your app’s hosting metrics in real time. Set custom alerts to notify you when a metric rises above a predefined threshold.

  • Redirects and custom headers can be used to improve the user experience.

Create custom headers and redirects for your hosted site with ease.

  • Encryption of user data

Provide internal stakeholders with access to features that have not yet been released by assigning them a username and password.


To assist you in developing real-time and offline applications more quickly, Amplify DataStore is an on-device storage engine that seamlessly synchronizes data between your mobile and web apps and your database on the Amazon Web Services cloud. Develop your data model with relationships using a visual or code-based interface to expedite the development of your mobile application.


  • Visual data modeling

It is possible to define backend models, fields, and the relationship between objects using a visual interface provided by Amplify Studio.

  • Offline data access

DataStore provides on-device storage, allowing the app to access data even when the device is not connected to the internet. To ensure data integrity, all requests to download or update information are routed through the local DataStore first, with the changes propagating to the cloud when a network connection is available.

  • Fine-grained authorization

It is integrated into the data model to provide fine-grained access control to backend resources for authenticated users and groups. Authorization rules are built into the data model to provide fine-grained access control to backend resources for authenticated users and groups.

  • Content management

Amplify Studio allows developers to grant access to content editors and testers in order to change the app data. Administrators can save material in markdown format in order to render rich text.

  • Web and mobile front-end libraries

Your app can query, update, sort, and filter data through the use of DataStore client libraries, which provide a straightforward API interface. It automatically manages conflict identification and resolution by bringing different object versions closer together in the database.

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User-generated content and app data can be easily stored in Amplify Storage. Keep your app’s images, sounds, and video files in the device’s storage or in the cloud’s public, protected, or private storage. Take advantage of large-scale cloud storage to quickly move from prototype to production.


  • User file storage

When you use the Amplify library, you may upload files from your app to cloud storage directly from your app’s code.

  • App data in NoSQL

A REST API and a Lambda function can be used to retrieve your app data, which is stored in Amazon DynamoDB.

  • Event driven actions

When content is uploaded, associate it with an AWS Lambda function that will be called when the material is posted.

  • Activity tracking

Automatically collect upload and download stats in order to better understand trends and how people engage with your mobile application.

  • Multiple file access levels

Allow for both public and private and password-protected files. For both authenticated and guest users, the Amplify CLI will automatically set up access levels and IAM policies in accordance with their needs.

  • Web and mobile front-end libraries

When developing file storage experiences for your app, The Amplify web and mobile storage client libraries provide a straightforward API interface (Storage.get and Storage.put) that can be implemented in a few lines of code. Amplify provides APIs for a variety of applications, including tracking the status of file uploads and downloads, as well as retrying uploads.

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AWS Amplify Pricing

The Amplify Framework (Libraries, CLI, and UI Components) is based on AWS services, you only pay for the AWS resources that you use. For the Amplify Framework, there are no additional fees or charges.

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