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AWS GameLift

For multiplayer games, Amazon GameLift is a specialized game server hosting solution that manages the deployment, operation, and scaling of cloud servers. We may provide a fully managed solution or just the features you require. GameLift harnesses the power of Amazon Web Services to achieve the lowest latency possible, the shortest player wait times, and the greatest cost savings imaginable.


  • The global average delay is 45 ms: GameLift offers dedicated, dependable game servers for low-latency gameplay and maximum savings. Using EC2 compute capacity, 22 regions, and 60 instance kinds, GameLift provides the most scalable, elastic, and global computing service.
  • Reduced costs by as much as 70% above current in-house solutions: As many as 200 people can play at the same time on the lowest latency server instance while using FlexMatch. As a result of using GameLift, you can save as much as 70% compared to traditional on-premises installations.
  • Use as a complete game server solution or as modules that can be integrated into your existing technology stacks: GameLift is there for you, whether you want to use all of the service’s modules or just a few of them. Making a game from the ground up? GameLift FleetIQ can help you find the most cost-effective and viable Spot instances for your needs. Looking for a matchmaker that will do all the work for you? You may create matches for your players with GameLift FlexMatch, regardless of whether your game servers are peer-to-peer, on-premises, or cloud-based.

Amazon GameLift Features

Protecting against DDoS attacks: In order to protect your game servers from common DDoS assaults on the network and transport levels, GameLift has been developed by a team of security experts. DDoS attacks can be mitigated without pulling your gamers offline by setting the service to automatically adjust server capacity. You can find out more about DDoS protection for game servers.

Instance types and sizes are available in 40 different configurations: Both on-demand and Spot instances can be found on GameLift’s website. It is possible to receive on-demand instances of high performance hardware for up to 70% less with Spot instances. All GameLift instances allow you to choose the CPU, memory, and networking capacity that is most suited to your game’s requirements. There is also Enhanced Networking, which improves packet per second (PPS) performance, reduces jitter, and reduces latency in all of Game Lift’s instances.

Insights and continuous monitoring: Dashboards are available in the GameLift management console for keeping track of how well your game is performing. With Amazon CloudWatch, you can monitor real-time statistics on player demand, server capacity and health, CPU and memory consumption, and set operational alarms for any of these metrics. GameLift also allows you to automatically gather and store game server logs, which can then be retrieved and examined.

Features cross-platform compatibility with all major gaming engines: GameLift supports all major game engines, including Amazon Lumberyard, Unreal Engine, Unity, as well as custom C# and C++ game engines written in C# and C++. In addition, using GameLift, you can connect your community across devices and increase the number of people available for prospective matches in your community pool.

Pay as you go is an option: In one package, GameLift provides everything you need to host your dedicated gaming servers in the cloud – a high-performance virtual machine, SSD-based storage, and rapid data transport to the Internet – on-demand and without the need for monthly commitments or setup fees. You are only charged for the resources that you really consume.

Autoscaling: One, hundreds, or even thousands of GameLift instances can be launched simultaneously and shut down in minutes. Setting a steady-state capacity target and configuring auto-scaling functionality for the service is straightforward. As demand fluctuates, GameLift will automatically add or remove capacity, according to the shifting load patterns in order to minimise sudden capacity changes.

Solid foundations backed by dependable systems: The AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure, on which GameLift is hosted, is the most secure, comprehensive, and dependable cloud platform available. AWS provides over 175 full-featured services, including GameLift, from data centers around the world. Using AWS, you can quickly and easily set up low-latency gaming servers that are closer to your players and more responsive to them.

Global coverage and game placement: To reach players with low latency, deploy your game servers in 22 AWS Regions across 5 continents! Whether it’s a first-person shooter, a MOBA, or another genre, players all over the world can enjoy the fast-paced gameplay. GameLift searches for available gaming servers worldwide. As a backup, you can enable the service to automatically expand capacity near your gamers. GameLift keeps a waiting list of participants until new games or instances start, then places them in the lowest latency game.

Affordability of leveraging GameLift FleetIQ to use the cloud: Using your own tools, you may launch dedicated, low-cost gaming servers that have the flexibility to migrate to the cloud. GameLift FleetIQ can be accessed independently of the other GameLift capabilities.

Integration with other AWS services: With GameLift FleetIQ, you can use your existing tools and software to progressively shift live games or new games to the cloud. Because instances are account-based, you can use containers or combine them with other AWS services like AWS Shield and Amazon Elastic Container Service.

Low latency, low cost: Using FleetIQ’s technology to put low-cost Spot instances into your own AWS account can save you up to 70%. By sending players to instances with lesser chances of game session interruptions, FleetIQ monitors in real-time and predicts which Spot instances will best host fresh sessions.

Pricing: With the GameLift FleetIQ upgrade, you only pay for what you use. GameLift FleetIQ charges a percentage of the EC2 instance fees managed by GameLift FleetIQ.

Only-On-Demand: Delete Spot Instances. This is useful for launching new games and content. To save money on game server fees, we still propose Spot-Preferred or Spot-Only.

API for instance statuses: Describe the state of instances managed by GameLift FleetIQ using the new DescribeGameServerInstances API. This allows you to construct a status-based checkpoint mechanism before placing a gaming session on an instance. It also allows you to drain additional resources related to the instances.

GameLift FlexMatch – Matchmaking: Game makers value matchmaker flexibility to quickly iterate and find the perfect set of matchmaking rules for their games. But building a matchmaker with that level of flexibility in-house and at scale requires experience in distributed computing. So developers may focus on optimizing their rulesets instead of spending time on initial development. FlexMatch may now be used solo, allowing developers to use it on any game server solution.

Flexible matchmaking rules: With FlexMatch, you may match people based on your own rules. FlexMatch’s simple but powerful rules language allows anyone to quickly design extensive player matchmaking. Players will be able to play in the AWS region that best balances player latency and server cost. You can also use FlexMatch solo and host the matches on your own servers.

Big game support: FlexMatch now allows you to match and connect up to 200 participants to a single gaming session on the lowest latency server instance available—all based on a custom rule you establish. Create many teams from a single specification with large match support.

Game servers in real-time: GameLift Realtime Servers allow developers to establish and maintain game servers with minimal JavaScript. It’s ideal for games that don’t require a lot of backend strength. These servers are optimized for mobile, turn-based, and messaging games.

Network stack: Realtime Game Servers come with a network stack that supports TCP/UDP.

On-the-fly server configuration: Customize scripts in real time to update server logic. Add state and schedule server logic execution.

GameLift deep integration: Use Amazon GameLift to grow from thousands to millions of players, reducing lag, cheating, and improving server stability and reliability.

Miniature size: With its modest footprint, you may run more games on a single server instance, saving money.

Usage-free: No extra charge for GameLift Realtime Servers.

Pricing: Windows pricing is based on the number of instance-hours utilized by each instance, which is measured from the time an instance is launched until it is stopped or terminated. Each half instance-hour consumed is paid as though it were a full hour of computing time.

When calculating “Monthly with Autoscaling,” we assume that each instance will be used for an average of 365 hours per month, which is consistent with the typical player demand pattern for multiplayer games. Unless otherwise stated, all of our prices are exclusive of all applicable taxes and levies, including but not limited to VAT and any applicable sales tax where applicable. Customers having a billing address in Japan are liable to the Japanese Consumption Tax when using the service.

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Application Examples

1. Managed servers:

Let GameLift setup and manage dedicated game servers so you can focus on game development. GameLift provides minimal latency and low cost while reducing the load of growing servers. This is shown in the sample architecture.

Authentication of the platform and player sends a game request. GameLift FlexMatch finds like-minded players, prepares a matchmaking ticket, and adds them to the process. The matchmaker notifies the GameLift game session placement queue. A search is made for an available fleet instance with the lowest latency and cost. As soon as a game starts, the fleet instance exposes an IP address, and the chosen server listens on a certain IP port. When the match is set up, the IP address and port are returned. The match is created and results are returned to the game. The game knows the GameLift gaming server’s IP address and port. The game now connects to the GameLift gaming server assigned to the player’s match, and the fun begins.

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2. Adaptable to different stacks:

GameLift adapts to your demands. To ship server workloads to the cloud using existing tools or software, you do not need to employ any other managed GameLift features. With GameLift FleetIQ, you can save up to 70% on existing on-premises deployments by progressively migrating live games or launching new games to the cloud. Get a better player experience while saving money.

The figure below depicts GameLift FleetIQ’s role while using Amazon EC2 to host games. That is, it finds the best accessible game server to host a game session. The greatest resources for game hosting give the best value. GameLift FleetIQ makes this possible by only permitting optimal instance types in the Autoscaling group and allocating new game sessions efficiently.

The match is created and results are returned to the game. The game knows the GameLift gaming server’s IP address and port. The game now connects to the GameLift gaming server assigned to the player’s match, and the fun begins.


3. Migrating away from peer-to-peer:

Many gamers believe that Peer-to-peer and listen servers are a low-cost, easy to implement solution for games. The downside of this is that it might lead to bad player experiences due to interruptions from the host and a reliance on fast internet connections. With the help of GameLift’s low costs and low latency dedicated servers, Ubisoft, Behavior Interactive, and Illfonic have moved their P2P or listen server infrastructures over to GameLift. Dead by Daylight is an example of how Behaviour Interactive used GameLift for their game.

4: Player Pairings:

Amazon GameLift FlexMatch lets you choose the criteria for player pairings. FlexMatch’s simple but powerful rules language makes it easy to quickly build high-quality matches and place them on GameLift’s game servers, no matter what criteria you choose. Peer-to-peer, cloud, and on-premises gaming servers can all be used to host these matches.

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