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Data and Architecture with AllCode

AllCode is ready to build the data architecture and solutions you need. AllCode’s team of architects can help your business harness all that AWS has to offer. When you work with us, we identify and implement cost effective and powerful solutions that will empower your business to perform at its highest potential.

AllCode are experts in all kinds of databases. Here is a nonexhaustive list of DBs we use:

Amazon RDS: Aurora (MySQL and PostgreSQL), MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server

AWS NoSQL DBs: DynamoDB, DocumentDB, Keyspace, Neptune, Timestream

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) based on propietary versions of Apache Cassandra, Spark and SOLR

Let’s build your data architecture, together.

Discover and Plan

Together, we will brainstorm durable, cost effective and powerful solutions.


Together, we will take the time to refine our plan to ensure smooth creation and implementation.

Creation and Implementation

Together, we will build and implement our blueprint with precision. Your new data platform will be off to the races.  

AllCode architected SameSky Health’s AWS environment. Read our case study to learn how the platfrom we created yielded a massive ROI for SameSky Health.

AllCode is a Service Delivery Partner (SDP) for Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS enables businesses to focus less on managing their DBs and more on running their businesses. And as an RDS Service Delivery Partner, AllCode can quickly and efficiently implement RDS to make your DB administration that much simpler.


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