How to Export Images in Google Slides

This article goes through the steps to save and export both custom and pre-imported images in Google Slides, which can be relatively problematic. We found a few workarounds that will help you solve these issues without having to screenshot the images and compromise precious photo quality.

exporting images inside of google slides png jpg vector svg

Saving Custom Designs in Google Slides as Vectors

If you created a custom design element in your Google Slides project and want to export it, follow the steps below.

Navigate to your project and duplicate it

Find and open the project that you wish to extract the graphics from and make a copy, choosing to copy the entire presentation or only selected slides. By duplicating your project, you won’t worry about disturbing your original version.

Duplicate a slide in google slides. Make a copy in google slides

Create a blank slide for your images

Insert a new slide and place it at the top of your other slides. This slide will hold all of the images that will be exported to avoid confusion about already-exported graphics.

Create a blank slide exporting google images

Transfer designs to the blank slide

Copy and paste all of the graphics that you wish to export to the blank slide.

Copy and paste images in google slides to export

Delete extra content

Delete the extra content and slides that you don’t want to export so that there is only one slide. By having only one slide, you can reduce the file size that is exported, allowing you to preserve valuable space on your computer.

Delete extra content in google slides

Export as PDF

Click File, hover over Download, and select PDF Document (.pdf) to download your file.

Export Image as pdf in google slides

Open PDF in Adobe Illustrator

Open your PDF inside of Adobe Illustrator and start customizing your graphics or transfer to other graphic design tools.

Export images from google slides to adobe illustrator

Saving Pre-Imported Images

If you need to save an image that wasn’t constructed inside of Google Slides (png, jpeg, etc.), follow these steps.

Open up your project

Open up your project and locate the image that you wish to save.

Saving images in google slides

Click on the image and select “Save to Keep”

Select and right-click the desired image, and choose the option titled “Save to Keep.”

Save to keep in google slides

Right-click image in the sidebar and select “Save Image As…”

A sidebar will pop-up on the screen’s right side; right-click the image and select the option Save Image As…

Save image as in google slides to export to third party

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