Healthcare Software Development

With over 20 years of healthcare software development experience, we build and operate mobile and cloud apps for startups, small, and midsize companies. We can either write the product requirements document from scratch and implement or rescue your existing healthcare software solution.iOS apps are written in Swift. Android apps are written in Java. Cloud apps are written in Ruby on Rails and Java Spring with an Angular 2 front end. If HIPAA is required, we’ll typically deploy the dev and test versions to Heroku. Production versions will be deployed to Aptible or ClearDATA.Healthcare Application Clients

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HIPAA Compliance - InfoSecWith the advent of public cloud , we can now use the following hosted cloud solutions to run your HIPAA compliant cloud. Each of these vendors provides differing offers. You’re effectively looking for a way to not have to implement some of the onerous tasks associated with protecting PHI and providing a secure private cloud platform.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Aptible
  • Armor
  • ClearDATA
  • TrueVault

Healthcare Patents


A rules based software user interface application and environment, comprising: a) a clinical quality measure library database schema, b) a clinical quality measure specification database schema, c) a rules library, d) a clinical business rule (CBR) editor, e) a key performance indicator (KPI) or clinical quality measure specification editor, f) a clinical quality runtime configuration module, g) a cost of care runtime configuration module and h) a runtime manager module and, in some embodiments, i) a measure testing module. In some embodiments, rules-based software applications comprise a component for delivery of clinical measure description libraries as a web or Internet application. In other embodiments, rules-based software applications comprise a component for measure testing which include a test data generator module which generates a test database with a known target measure result and an audit detail component for inspecting test results. In yet other embodiments, rules-based software applications comprise both a component for delivery of clinical measure description libraries as a web or Internet application and a measure testing component to support the development of measures. Methods of converting health-based input source data into measures of clinical quality or cost of care comprise: a) providing a source code application, b) providing a collection of source data that comprises health-related source data, and c) transforming the source data into at least one evidence-based care measure using the source code application. In some embodiments, contemplated care measures comprise quality of care measures, care of cost measures or combinations thereof.

Post Procedure Care and Wellness Management
Systems and methods for post procedure care and wellness management. A care network for a care recipient in providing post procedure care to the care recipient for a procedure performed on the care recipient is formed. A user specific care plan for the care recipient is generated, the user specific care plan including post procedure content and first post procedure care conditions associated with the post procedure content is generated for the care recipient. Whether the first post procedure care conditions are satisfied is determined. The post procedure content is sent to the care recipient through an internal communication channel. A first care data received notification comprising a generic notification lacking any personal health information of the care recipient is sent to the care recipient through an external communication channel. The care recipient is logged in to view the post procedure content through the internal communication channel.

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