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Our primary trade is the development of applications, whether they are web or mobile apps, and the resolution of problems with a solution or existing application.  If a solution was not executed to your specifications or you have a concept for a solution but lack the knowledge for constructing it, we are your go-to candidate.

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What Have We Built?

The clients we have assisted in the past come from varying industries.  We can help from either a point where the application is built but needs restructuring or from a point where the solution has yet to leave the concept board.

Let’s Play Soccer’s Mobile App Language Management

Let’s Play Soccer

Let’s Play Soccer’s mobile app is your gateway to seamless account management, now available in both English and Spanish. Experience the convenience of staying connected to your Let’s Play Soccer account on the go, with a range of empowering features at your fingertips.

Centro Business Planning App

As a nonprofit organization, Centro looks to provide business opportunities to entrepreneurs from social and ethnic groups of typically lower economic standing.  While they did have an application mostly built by a previous client, it was in a flawed state and required our oversight to significantly overhaul.  Check out more details in our blog post.

Centro Business Planning Application
Homebase Application Development


Having a platform that both employers and employees can use to log hours and plan shifts is important.  Pioneer Networks had us help with the construction of an application that lets employers plan out time charts and employees clock in and out with relative ease.


MatDoc needed help launching an app that would directly benefit the health and well-being of wrestlers.  This app is good for corresponding with doctors about certain potential skin conditions and sharing necessary information with medical professionals.

MatDoc Health Application
EndoscopyNow Application Development


An endoscopy can be a precarious operation.  Uniquely Digital recognized the need for a mobile platform that offered relevant education, recent research articles related to the field, relevant devices that could prove helpful to practitioners, and further training for said practitioners.

Match Me

There are plenty of common and more popular dating applications in existence, but all can’t shake the feeling of artificiality due to the use of algorithms to find potential matches.  JustAskMe proposed the idea of an app that is much more reliant on connections to the user on how dependable they are as a person.

Match me Application Development

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