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LPS Scheduler Case Study

Let’s Play Soccer (LPS) faced a challenge: an outdated Excel scheduling system. AllCode, LPS’s technology partner, stepped in to revolutionize its approach. Migrating from Excel to a dynamic web application written in Kotlin and Angular built on AWS utilizing  Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), AllCode created an intuitive scheduler that centralized data, automated conflict resolution, and enabled multi-user collaboration to schedule games, practices, and events at 22 facilities.

About Let’s Play Soccer

Let’s Play Soccer (LPS) is a community of passionate and competitive individuals united by their love for soccer. Committed to fostering joy and forging meaningful connections, LPS provides a distinctive online team management platform. Here, players can register, make payments, oversee teams, organize matches, and engage in direct communication with fellow players.

Carol Lutz

Joel and his people are always very responsive. When databases fail or you need help with customers in front of you, it is so helpful to have someone you can rely on to be there to help you — and that is AllCode! When you have a problem and are not sure how to address it or what to change, Joel and his people work it all out and get to the goal you are trying to accomplish and make it happen.
- Carol Lutz, COO

The Challenge

The challenges faced by Let’s Play Soccer were multifaceted:

Outdated System: The reliance on an Excel-based system, coupled with VBA macros, hindered efficiency, scalability, and collaboration.

Complex Scheduling: Managing schedules for 22 facilities across the United States, accommodating various types of soccer activities, and ensuring minimal conflicts required a robust solution.

Daily Usage: LPS needed a solution that could be used on a daily basis by multiple teams, including facility managers, event coordinators, and administrators.

LPS Excel-based system
LPS Soccer Scheduler

The Solution

AllCode undertook the task of modernizing LPS’s scheduling process with the following features:

Cloud Platform: The web application was built from the ground up utilizing three separate services: Authentication, Frontend, and Backend. The Authentication and Backend services were written in Kotlin 1.6.12 and Java version 11 leveraging Spring Boot 2.5.4. The Frontend services were written in Angular. To simplify the rollout and deployment, each of the services was built using Docker, which enabled us to create images of the services and upload them to the AWS Elastic Container Registry. These Images were then rolled out to the AWS Elastic Container Service. In the past, we would have provisioned a couple of EC2 instances and stuck them behind an ALB, but ECS is much easier and scalable. 

User-Friendly Interface: The web application boasted an intuitive user interface, making it accessible to staff members with varying levels of technical expertise.

Centralized Database: The system was integrated with a robust SQL Server Database, ensuring data accuracy, security, and real-time updates.

Comprehensive Scheduling: The scheduler accommodated a wide range of scheduling needs, including league games, practices, tournaments, and special events, across all 22 facilities.

Conflict Resolution: Advanced algorithms were implemented to minimize scheduling conflicts, ensuring that field utilization was optimized.

Multi-User Access: Various teams within LPS could access the scheduler simultaneously, streamlining coordination and communication.

The Results

50% Faster Scheduling Rate

The new system drastically reduced the time required to create and manage schedules. Automated conflict resolution and streamlined processes led to a 50% increase in scheduling speed.

Increased Scalability

The new system could easily accommodate future growth and additional facilities as LPS expanded its operations.

Enhanced Accuracy

Automation reduced the likelihood of scheduling conflicts and errors, resulting in more reliable schedules.

Improved Collaboration

The web-based solution enabled multiple teams to work together seamlessly, enhancing communication and coordination among facility managers, event planners, and administrators.

Our Solutions Enabled LPS to

 Facility Management on One Platform

Easily manage all facilities on one platform

23 Facilities to Boost ROI

Make full use of the 23 facilities to boost ROI

 Increase Revenue by 40%

Increase revenue by 40% with Player Registration Fee

Accounting and Payroll Facility

Perform accounting and payroll duties