Let’s Play Soccer Android Mobile Application

AllCode’s expert developers just released a new Android mobile application for Let’s Play Soccer. Your gateway to seamless account management, now available in both English and Spanish. Experience the convenience of staying connected to your Let’s Play Soccer account on the go, with a range of empowering features at your fingertips.

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Let’s Play Soccer Facility Platform

Let’s Play Soccer Mobile App Features

LPS Effortless Family Management

Effortless Family Management

Add your children to your parent account effortlessly, ensuring that everyone is set to enjoy the soccer experience. The app streamlines the process, making it simpler than ever to organize and oversee your family’s involvement.

 LPS Primary Account Selection

Primary Account Selection

Take control by designating your primary account, allowing you to tailor your interactions and preferences according to your unique requirements. The app empowers you with personalized choices, enhancing your engagement.


Stay Ahead with Upcoming Games

Access a comprehensive view of upcoming games, ensuring you never miss a thrilling match. The app’s user-friendly interface keeps you informed about match schedules, enabling you to plan ahead and be part of the action.

LPS Real-Time Standing Feature

Real-Time Standings

 Keep your competitive spirit alive by staying up-to-date with the latest standings. The app provides real-time updates on team rankings, allowing you to follow the progress of your favorite teams and relish in the excitement of the competition.

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