Platform Engineer


Our expert platform engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining software and infrastructure platforms. They work to ensure that all platforms integrate properly and are scalable, reliable, and secure.  Our team also monitors and optimizes platform performance, and troubleshoots issues in order to maintain the integrity of our work. 

Platform Engineer- Optimize Platform Performance

Why Use a Platform Engineer?

Our team consists of a wide variety of talent capable of building on the cloud with numerous clients we have aided in the past. From conception to launch, we can build and maintain next-gen infrastructure based on Kubernetes container orchestration technology at every juncture of the development cycle.

Technical Expertise

Designing and implementing robust technical design with scalable, real time processing, high availability, and with best practices in mind.

CI/CD Engineering

Building on CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipelines requires a unique set of skills that our engineers possess.

Seamless Collaboration

Our engineers are happy to collaborate with your company teams to deliver end-to-end products with features in microservices architecture, streamlining results.

Coordination and Planning

We coordinate in developing a plan for designing the architecture for event-driven messaging systems to deliver data flows and constructing the necessary pipelines.

AllCode’s Engineering Skillset

The skill sets each of our team members have is diverse and unique. We’ve got the skills and expertise to improvise and adapt to any challenges we face.

In other words, we don’t try. We do. 


Container Platform Experience

We’ve got years of experience working with Kubernetes/Openshift, helm, GltOps, Building DevOps infrastructure, and automating testing to save on time.  Our team also has a plethora of experience building CI/CD pipelines as previously mentioned.

Unmatched Adapability and Problem Solving Skills

Not only are our engineers highly educated and experienced, but they’re a group of motivated and adaptable individuals. We believe that our unique problem-solving abilities is what sets us apart from other engineers and/ or development firms. We find solutions to your problems. Period. 

experienced-engineer for-hire

Unmatched Knowledge and Expertise

Years of experience with not only cloud native applications and multicloud architecture - such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure - but also a miriad of experiences with a variety of coding languages across Java, Python, SQL, NoSQL, C++, and Javascript. Some of our engineers have 25+ years experience in the field.

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