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Cody is an experienced Marketing Specialist with over a decade worth of experience in marketing and client success. He creates and optimizes content, articles and guides to help businesses of all sizes grow. With a background in marketing, hospitality, and finance, Cody has consistently increased profitability for clients with strategic planning while delivering first class service.
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How to Write a Hardhat NFT Smart Contract for Polygon

How to Write a Hardhat NFT Smart Contract for Polygon

This guide will show you the ropes of working with HardHat, a widely-used framework for creating smart contracts. We’ll learn how to construct a powerful NFT project that can transform any data type into an NFT. We will also cover the basics of the Hardhat framework for creating, testing, and deploying smart contracts. You should also be familiar with public and private keys, and ideally have some experience with Metamask. Knowledge of Solidity, Javascript, and Node.js is also highly desirable.