After a long history of software and web development (both front and back end). I left the financial programming world to try my hand at other things and other experiences. Excellent English skills and presentation abilities from my teaching combined with a high level of programming knowledge which I have pursued consistently at the same time. I am especially interested in how technology can be combined with education and collaboration in projects, businesses and learning. Competent in: AWS, Java; JSTL, Hibernate, Lucene and Swing. PHP, Zend. Web development in HTML, CSS and CMS' Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla! Read more at http://jamesrtyrrell.com where I'm looking at the future of AI art and other topics of interest.
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Using Stable-Diffusion and Dreambooth to create personalized AI art – Part 2 of 3

Using Stable-Diffusion and Dreambooth to create personalized AI art – Part 2 of 3

DreamBooth is a deep learning generation model used to fine-tune existing text-to-image models, developed by researchers from Google Research and Boston University in 2022. Originally developed using Google's own Imagen text-to-image model, DreamBooth implementations can be applied to other text-to-image models, where it can allow the model to generate more fine-tuned and personalised outputs after training on three to five images of a subject.

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