Ethereum Software Development

AllCode has been performing Ethereum Software Development since early 2017. We started out hand coding our Solidity smart contracts in vim until we discovered Truffle and OpenZeppelin.
Today, we currently manage a number of clients who utilize Ethereum in some form or fashion.
These clients include:

  • A Ruby on Rails Trading Exchange that makes us of geth and lists Ether and ERC-20 pairings. We have to poll geth for changes to wallet addresses.
  • An intelligence platform, which leverages an ERC-20 token for authentication and payments. The authentication mechanism leverages MetaMask and Ledger Nano. The payments make use of a series of ERC-20 smart contracts.
  • A platform that enabled traders to purchase protect and leverage contracts on the price of Ether.

Recently, we have also started to deliver on ERC1404 tokens for clients that prefer a Security Token Offering to an Initial Coin Offering.
Some of our Github repos that reference Ethereum are: