Tron Software Development Services

Tron Software Development Services
AllCode has been performing Tron Software Development Services since the launch of Tron’s mainnet in 2018. Some of our software development services include:

  • Smart Contract Development for dApps written on Tron using TronBox, the fork of Truffle for Tron. Experience leveraging a local Tron network and api.trongrid.io.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Tronscan-api, which provides data for the Tronscan Frontend. Knowledge of Scala using Play Framework and Akka Streams.
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets for Tron, TRON20, NEO, NEP-5, Ethereum, ERC20, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash for the Web, iOS, and Android. http://www.silicontoken.com/#section-wallet
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges leveraging Tron, NEO, NEP-5, Ethereum, ERC20, Bitcoin, and BCH.