Permissions are a means of controlling and regulating access to specific system- and device-level functions by software. Permissions are typically declared in an application’s manifest, and certain permissions must be specifically granted at runtime by the user.

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How to give a JIRA User access to only one project

How to give a JIRA User access to only one project

This is way more confusing than it needs to be, but here's how I was able to grant a Jira user access to only one project in JIRA. Step 1: Create a new user in the User Management section of the Administrator. For this example, we're just using username: test and...

Dynamic Facebook Permissions for your Facebook App

What are Dynamic Facebook Permissions? Let’s say you’ve written a Facebook App using the Facebook JavaScript API, and you don’t want to ask for a ton of permissions when the user signs up for your Facebook App because you’re afraid the permissions will scare them...

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