Allcode works with our marketing team to create Social products that work seamlessly with a variety of social networking sites.

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The Versatility of Gen AI in Customer Engagement

The Versatility of Gen AI in Customer Engagement

Automating customer interactions provide their own sets of challenges. Historically, it has been a rigid and artificial process. Gen AI can understand customers and apply data towards interaction, changing how customers are brought in and maintained could be more flexible and advanced.

What is AWS Pinpoint?

What is AWS Pinpoint?

Along with other marketing tools, AWS Pinpoint is a solution to better allow for multi-channel marketing. It is designed to work with current channels of communication and offers flexibility in its application. It is everything needed for campaigns, tracking customer interaction, and utilizing data to improve marketing efforts.

Dynamic Facebook Permissions for your Facebook App

What are Dynamic Facebook Permissions? Let’s say you’ve written a Facebook App using the Facebook JavaScript API, and you don’t want to ask for a ton of permissions when the user signs up for your Facebook App because you’re afraid the permissions will scare them...

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