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What is Wrong With my VPC Configuration?

What is Wrong With my VPC Configuration?

The main purpose of the AWS Virtual Private Cloud is to keep any devices that want to avoid unauthorized access outside of public reach. Certain applications and top-priority data is kept explicitly within a confined network defined by the permissions the users set for the organization. However, there are a number of potential vulnerabilities that could occur that are all based on user-error and improper configuration of the VPC. AWS operates on shared responsibility and it’s partially down to the user to uphold their half.

AWS Storage Options – Should I Use S3, EFS, or EBS?

AWS Storage Options – Should I Use S3, EFS, or EBS?

While incorporating the use of physical storage databases into Amazon’s Web Services is an option, there are also cloud storage options available. There are a few options to choose with significant differences between each in order to tackle certain options. One of the following services will be better optimized for handling loads at scale while another will have a better time retaining a proper load balance.

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