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AWS and re:Invent 2023

There are plenty of AWS enthusiasts around the world such as ourselves with ideas on how to apply the Cloud in new and innovative ways. It’s a keynote where these enthusiasts come together, network, and share innovations and new methodologies with the public. Even for people less familiar with AWS, it is a great place to get first-hand experience with the platform either unguided or with professional help to see what opportunities the platform has.

What Happens at re:Invent 2023?

Typically held in Las Vegas, Nevada, re:Invent is one of the largest cloud computing conference events.  AWS designed it as a place for cloud professionals and developers of every level to learn about the most recent advancements on the platform and in the industry as a whole.  At this conference, there are a number of activities that provide great opportunities for learning, career advancement, and company development. 

Keynote Presentations

AWS executives will be attending the event, including the CEO and CTO, to present and announce new products, services, and updates being brought to AWS.  It’s especially helpful to have a look ahead at what services could prove beneficial for existing projects or future concepts. 

Technical Sessions

On-site are workshops, different technical demonstration sessions, and hands-on labs for attendees to explore various facets of cloud architecture, machine learning, database management, and cybersecurity.  Attendees can either explore these freely or be provided a tutorial on what a service does and how to work with it.

Want to Chat?

We’ll be there.  As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, we will be one of the attendees with a booth and everything.  Schedule a meeting to have a time slot to converse about project ideas.

Certification Opportunities

The convention will also provide attendees with AWS certification exams which are required components to acquire certain AWS certifications.  These certifications represent a developer’s expertise within the respective field of AWS and represent their ability to operate with that service or knowledge. 

Partner Showcases

AWS Partners are companies or groups that have acquired enough AWS certified experts and put out enough content related to AWS, such as ourselves.  We’ll be attending the event and showcasing our own solutions and projects that we have built in recent years for our clients.  Here, we can answer any questions about our methodology or can be approached to discuss the possibility of future projects. 

Networking Potential

Especially with the aforementioned Partner Showcase, there will be several AWS experts, professionals from a variety of industries, and peers who will also be attending this keynote.  With so many in one place, this might be a good opportunity to exchange name cards and ideas.  There will be evening events and parties to better discuss new ideas over.

Sign up Soon

Passes are fairly expensive, but are well worth the price for the opporunities.

What We are Bringing

We are Advanced Tier AWS Partners and we will be attending this year’s re:Invent.  Our team will be at the keynote presenting our services and expertise with AWS, including QuickSight, RDS, AWS GovCloud, and more.  We will even have a booth with much more broad times to converse during.  You can schedule a face-to-face meeting where we can discuss our own success stories and how we empower other groups and organizations with their projects.

Well-Architected Framework

The biggest mistake you can make with an AWS environment is poorly optimizing it.  At our booth, we will provide insights to how to properly optimize and secure an AWS environment.

Improved DevOps

Our biggest service is helping our customers empower the tools they use in AWS.  As a Quicksight SDP, RDS SDP, and AWS GovCloud SDP, we understand the importance of efficiency, automation, and continuous improvement.  Our services will streamline operations, optimize workflows, and generally improve our customers’ time-to-market. Whether it’s continuous integration, continuous delivery, or infrastructure as code, we look at all parts of DevOps. 

Actual Demonstrations of our Capabilities

We have helped build a number of projects for several clients in the past and we will be bringing these into focus at our booth.  There are several case studies on our use of Quicksight SDP, RDS SDP, and AWS GovCloud helped the clients overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable results with their respective projects.  Especially if you want to collaborate with an AWS expert or have a project that needs the right experts, we can be found here.

Free AWS Services Template

Download list of all AWS Services PDF

Download our free PDF list of all AWS services. In this list, you will get all of the AWS services in a PDF file that contains  descriptions and links on how to get started.

Everything AWS

Along with opportunities to meet our team and discover more about AWS, re:Invent is a great place to discover experts within tangential industries, potential work partners, and how AWS tools can be used and improved.  This will be the place to discuss everything AWS with certified professionals and look for collaborative opportunities.  If you haven’t done so by now, re:Invent is worth registering for.  Find details about the event here.

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