Save Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are in danger due to pollution from humans and climate change. Many people may not realize that humans are dependent upon the livelihood of coral reefs. Over half a billion people depend on coral reefs for food, medicine, and other resources. Coral reefs also protect the coastlines from storms and erosion.  

The coral reef ecosystem is made up of biotic and abiotic factors. The biotics factors are plants, crabs, fish, and coral. These biotic factors create multiple food webs in this ecosystem. The abiotic factors are water, temperature, sunlight, salt, and waves. These factors are not alive but have a major impact on the ecosystem.

Pollution that is dumped into the ocean is destroying coral reef ecosystems by reducing water quality, leading to decreased oxygen and increased nutrients in the water. Climate change is increasing the temperature of the ocean, which is causing different biotic species to die.

To save the Coral reefs we can recycle our waste, use less plastic, and donate to organizations who are attempting to save coral reefs. Doing these steps on a daily basis will make a difference. Spreading the news on social media can also help by spreading awareness. We need to stop ignoring the situation that is right in front of our faces and actually do something about it. 

In conclusion, coral reefs are in danger and we need to help them. We provided ways to help, the abiotic and biotic factors, and how coral reefs help us. It is now our turn to take action and help before it’s too late.

Links of places to donate and to learn more one how to help

Things to do help the coral reefs

  • Recycle and dispose trash properly 
  • Use less plastic
  • Donate to organizations
  • Spread awareness on social media
  • Save energy at home 
  • Use environment friendly modes of transportation
  • Spread the awareness